Blood Bound

I've had the idea for this in my head for a really long time but the motivation to write it kinda disappeared along with my passion for vampire books. Just recently I decided that all the time spent thinking about the plot shouldn't go to waste so I decided to write it here :). I've never actually written anything about it before, just plot points and ideas so idk how it will go.

I hope you enjoy it and I accept constructive criticism :D

Chapter 1


by: aquag
[Since the intro wasn't long enough :D]

This is set in the modern world but supernatural beings have revealed their existence(vampires, wares, gifted humans, magic practitioners, etc)

After an accident the main protagonist loses her trust in all supernatural beings and after her brother makes an unexpected decision she tries to stop him by claiming that if he left she would start hunting vampires. She starts searching for a way to become a slayer without getting killed in the process. She ends up getting mixed within the supernatural world and making a discovery that would shock her and other beings and her journey changes her views on natural and supernatural as well as good an evil. [I'm trying to avoid spoilers here :D]

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