Blood Bound

I've had the idea for this in my head for a really long time but the motivation to write it kinda disappeared along with my passion for vampire books. Just recently I decided that all the time spent thinking about the plot shouldn't go to waste so I decided to write it here :). I've never actually written anything about it before, just plot points and ideas so idk how it will go.

I hope you enjoy it and I accept constructive criticism :D

Chapter 2

First Blood

by: aquag
When I came to I couldn't move or open my eyes, I was laying on something cold but soft. My chest and head hurt, I regretted my decisions as the memories of the last moments flooded me. I tried to hunt vampires but I ended up the one being hunted. I tried to slow down my breathing as I heard my attackers approaching.

'So what do we do first, feed her our blood or kill her.' one of them said. I would have screamed at that point if I could have. The idiots wanted to turn me but they had no idea how to, turns out not all vampires are smart. I couldn't let that happen, I'd either kill myself or use my vampiric strength to kill as much as I can of them before I get killed. Either way I didn't want to live as a blood sucking monster.

'We could always feed her, kill her and feed her again but we can't kill her twice.' said another, at least he demonstrated some intellect.

I wished with all I had that I could move as I felt cold, bleeding skin being pressed to my mouth, but one of them had me under their control and until he released me I was going to be stuck like that.

'Open your eyes.' one of them said and I obeyed 'Drink.' At least I could give him a hateful look as I did what he commanded me to, and as long as I was still alive there was still hope for escape.

'What now, do we just kill her?' asked the same guy that I heard speak first, I could see him now, he was dressed in black and the collar of his shirt and jacket were upturned, his hair was black and his fangs were out. He really has taken the vampire stereotype seriously, probably hoping vampire crazy girls would run to him.

'We brought her in the middle of nowhere to have some fun, nobody can hear her scream here.' said the obviously smarter one. his hair seemed copper but I couldn't be sure in the dark, he was dressed as if he were still human. Young vampires could be out in the sun, maybe not for the whole day but some could pass as human. He smiled widely when I turned my eyes to him, like a predator knowing he was just about to enjoy the thrill of a chase.

'Rise' he said and waited for me, I tried hard to hide the fear in my eyes because I knew he liked it, but knowing what was to come, I couldn't. He walked over to me and put a strand of my hair behind my ear, I wanted to flinch at his touch and I wished I had my wooden stake right now.

'Little rabbit, you are free to run now.' he whispered to me and the moment I felt him releasing me I turned and ran as fast as I could, but of course it wasn't enough. At first one of them miscalculated and when he launched himself he could only grab my foot but I kicked and wriggled free. I screamed for help as I got to my feet, hoping there was someone else no matter how small the chances were. Then one of them tackled me and trapped me with his arms, I screamed again and kicked him, then when the black haired one came to stand in front of me I kicked him as well, but that did nothing to free me. After another kick to the one holding me, he threw me on the ground with such force, my head bounced on impact. Then he turned me so I can face him and pinned me down after I tried to scratch and hit him.

'You put up a good fight for a small girl, you will like being a vampire. You will be strong.'

'I don't want to be a monster.' I yelled and tried to push him off of me.

'You don't really get a choice here.' he whispered after he revealed my neck and then I felt the sharp pain as his fangs penetrated my skin. I couldn't move, I could only look at the silver moon and the beautiful green grass as I felt my life being drained from me. I would get my revenge once I have been turned, I will take down as many as I can before they decide to kill me. I felt myslef starting to fade, but then there was more pain.

'Dude, it's my turn.' said the one in black.

'You'll get the next one.' growled the copper haired, angry that he was just torn away from his food.

I felt warm blood seeping from where the fangs were seconds ago, my eyelids were getting heavy. I could now barely hear as the two vampires kept on yelling, then there was something different, their tone changed, I couldn't figure out what was happening. I tried to open my eyes I saw something reflecting the moonlight, it seemed clear as glass and yet too iridescent.

Then there was darkness

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