Blood Bound

I've had the idea for this in my head for a really long time but the motivation to write it kinda disappeared along with my passion for vampire books. Just recently I decided that all the time spent thinking about the plot shouldn't go to waste so I decided to write it here :). I've never actually written anything about it before, just plot points and ideas so idk how it will go.

I hope you enjoy it and I accept constructive criticism :D

Chapter 3

The morning after

by: aquag
I didn't know how long I was out, but at one time I felt I was being carried and I could hear heavy footsteps and a male voice cursing. The next time I opened my eyes I was in a bed, in a white room. It didn't look like a hospital but it wasn't my home either. I felt too weak to move, my head and back still hurt, I remembered now that this pain was from the first time the vampires knocked me out by throwing me against a wall.

...The vampires!

What happened to me? Was I a vampire now? I looked around a bit more, there was a bottle of water and a chocolate bar on the bedside table, at least it wasn't a bottle of blood. I moved against my instinct to stay in bed and maybe sleep more, I needed to know what happened. I leaned on the wall when I felt dizzy and kept using the walls for support to get to the door. I could hear typing on a keyboard from another room and went there. I recognized the fair-skinned, black haired woman behind the desk, she was Anastasia Blake, the only licenced vampire hunter in town. I had come to her asking to be trained just two days ago and she refused, claiming its not a job for everyone that doesn't like vampires, she didn't even give me the chance to explain myself. I didn't know if I should be angry at her, ashamed I almost got myself killed or just keep quiet.

'You're finally up! Sit down you better save your strength after last night.'

'What happened? Am I...' my voice was weak and insecure, she took a deep breath and paused before answering

'You are human, you lived, barely. You got rescued in time and I heard you didn't go down easy before that for someone with no experience.' Anastasia turned to me and her expression changed, her look went from condescending to sympathetic 'Why do you want to be a hunter so badly?'

I wasn't sure that telling her the whole story was the best choice, sometimes even I thought my decision was too harsh. 'Because I promised.'

'To someone from your family or a friend?'

'To my brother' I responded, it almost felt like lying at this point even though it wasn't. Omitting some of the truth wasn't the same as lying, right?

'I understand.' She was quiet for a moment 'Alright, next time you want to try something like that, call me first. I can see I won't be able to stop you from hunting but at least I can try to keep you alive. Right now you can stay here or I can drive you home, you should get more rest, you did lose a lot of blood and you shouldn't hunt before you feel better. In the meantime...' she stood up and got some books from a shelf 'Read these, they have lots of information on how to kill vampires and other supernaturals. Don't think you can be a vampire hunter without getting mixed with others as well. If you want more help I am free after work unless I am hunting.'

'Thank you,' I added with a weak smile ' and I prefer to be home.'

'That's understandable, your parents are probably worried by now.' she said but I couldn't help but feel it was more of a question than a statement.

'Not really, they are not around anymore.' I wasn't going to elaborate on that either, I wasn't sure if it was better for her to think they were dead or to know they had left.

She gave me a sympathetic look I wasn't sure I deserved 'Alright, get your things.' she said and put the books in a bag along with another bottle of water and another chocolate bar 'It always helps.' Anastasia added and smiled.

The drive home was short and mostly silent except for the directions I gave on the way.

'I guess I'll see you soon, and in the meantime don't do anything stupid.' she smiled and that made her words seem less condescending then they should have been.

I waited for her to drive off standing there with the bag of books feeling heavy in my hand. Only when she was out of sight did I enter my home. My cold, empty, silent home.

I guess I should have gotten used to it by now but I couldn't help the grim atmosphere inside from affecting my somewhat good mood. Yes, I had just been attacked and failed my first and very stupid attempt at a hunt, but I survived and finally had a mentor. But home hasn't been and actual home for a long time.

I went into my room and dumped my things on the bedside table then jumped into my bed and stared at the ceiling. Them my gaze automatically turned to a picture on the table. It was turned over so I wouldn't look at it but that had no effect. I knew what was on it and I remembered it every time I looked at it, I had even considered putting it away but I knew seeing the empty spot would be the same as seeing the picture.

Maybe it was the near death experience or my almost happy mood but this time I took the picture in my hands to look at it. It was of my family, my whole family before everyone decided to just leave. I put it away then, knowing that prolonged exposure to my past always left me with tears in my eyes, at least now that I was alone I had nobody to hide from when I cried. But putting away the picture didn't stop the memories.

It was two years ago when my parents left, it wasn't their first time but it is the longest they have been away. Sometimes they would be gone for a month or two but never for years. My eyes shifted to the bedside table again, this time I was looking at the drawer, where I had left the note from my parents, the one they wrote on the day they left. I knew looking at it didn't help, the words on it never changed, there was nothing about when they would be coming back or where they were, it just said there was a family emergence and that they would send us money. I got the money regularly, the only proof I had they were still alive. But I had no way to contact them, the money arrived in an envelope with no sender or receiver's address, I tried once to wait for it to see who delivers it and ask them questions, but it didn't come while I was waiting but only after I gave up.

Me and my brother were doing well, or as well as it was possible without parents. But when disasters happen you need your parents and ours weren't around when all the supernatural world announced themselves to be real and breathing, mostly. We were left to figure out this world on our own. And I guess we did but in different ways...

At first I tried to do as people on the television said, be tolerant, they are people too. I was so tolerant that when my boyfriend of one week told me he was a vampire I told him that it doesn't change anything but apparently we weren't on the same page. The next day he insisted on drinking my blood and when I refused he didn't care. I was lucky to have my silver charm bracelet that I wore with me all the time, a gift from my parents. It was enough to burn him with it and he ran off after calling me a female dog that was. I guess he was young enough to be out in the sun, at least so he can fool me for being human. Luckily I never saw him again.

I closed my eyes and sighed, thinking about the past is never a good idea for me. I shifted my attention towards the pile of books Anastasia had given me, thinking it would be a good distractions from my reverie. I started reading the lore books, in the older ones there were some sections scratched out or some things added so the information stayed up to date. I read about vampires, werewolfs, werecats, werebears it seems only bigger carnivorous or omnivorous mammals had weres. Vampires and weres were a product of magic of witches and warlocks, they were created to fight between themselves and keep the balance so humans don't go extinct. I read about their weaknesses to gold, silver and diamonds, it seemed being a hunter would be very expensive. It confirmed the things I already knew, young vampires could be out in the sunlight, altho they felt a bit weak, young wares could change only on the night of the full moon while the older ones had 3 to 4 days before and after the full moon when they could change. Some weres and vampires were more powerful but there was no explanation for that.

I read for so long that I couldn't remember when I drifted off to sleep.

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