Thy precious dead. (a story)

Kinda inspired by ''lizzyella''.

Chapter 1

These walls of white.

by: Nikolia
It uest to be a lullaby, till the dead said goodbye. I didnt understand, without my dead, my life is so blank. Taking that pill was a mistake.The demons in my head, where have they gone. I scorn at thyself. ''A mistake, a mistake''.

Turning around in my place, i look around. No one in this cell, but me. This jakect, restricting my movement. Restricting the monsters in my head. They live around me in these walls instead. I laugh, for no reason, i laugh. Maybe i can replace the dead i have lost. But how, how could i. ''We never left".
Looking agan i see nothing but walls of white. I look up and scream, the blinding light. Look down. ''The darkness''.

Yes, the darkness. No light, dark, perfection. All around me, white, white, white. I stand up, using the walls as support, i walk around, and endles cycle. The walls have stains of blood, maybe mine, i dont know. Theres dirt in the corner, and cobwebs on the roof. Deep inside of me i feel something. I chuckle loud, a deep low evil chuckle. Getting louder, i grin a deadly grin from ear to ear.

Snapping my head to the side, like an animal, i see through the glass, a girl in white. I scorn at the white, and chuckle again at the pafecticness of it. Two men walk in, i retreat to a corner, snarling and growling.
Jumping forward i bite one on the arm, he screams, i laugh. The other grabs me from behind, i laugh louder. Smash my head into his. Falling back he faints, i stand there, they leave, one bleeing, the other carried. Before they close the door on my prison, i snap my head again. Blood driping from my lips, staining my teeth and lips, my eyes wide. I grin.
I'll see you again, i whisper, then lunge at her, they close the door, i land just before it, staring through the glass, my nose pressed against the door, pearing into her pale blue eyes. ''Kill her''.

The voices are back. My precious dead. Slowly walking back into the shadows i keep my eyes glued to her's, shes staring back in fear. Tilting my head to the side, i mouth, i will get you, laughing loudly my face disapears into the shadows. The glass closes.

''Stupid women, you cant get rid of us''.

I nod.
Screaming, a pain in my head emerges. I scream again and fall to my knees, rocking back and forth.

A dream, a dream. Nothing else this is. The blood is real. Its real. ''Yes its real''. Im im real! ''No your not'' Yes i am! ''no''..
My head gets thrown back against the wall, i scream again.
What am i, what have i become. I want my dolly where is it. I want it. I start to sob. I feel a hand over my mouth. ''Shh, dont let them hear you scream. Theyll laugh your life away. Put a bloody rose in your place. Leave a note. You've gone to a horrible place, to hell's hell.''

2 years ive been in this room of white. Now 18, i want to go outside. Hear the birds once more...
''You killed the birds.''
Pain emerges again, i scream.

Going quiet, i hear the blood pumping in my ears. My eyes stinging. Looking up, i see eyes through the glass. I sit and stare, unblinking. My hair dirty, and knotted, clinging to my face, to the blood and tears.


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