What I find myself in

If you find the cave, resist the pull. If you do go in, hold your nose and ignore the flower. But, if you don't heed this. Read the story and you will find the only way to get back to your old life.

Chapter 1

A stange encounter

I was out with my friends again. Tonight it was already past 11 but I didn't care. Even if it was past curfew. We had a fire going and we were far in the forest. The tree's here were very high and looked like they reached a few stories into the sky. I watched the smoke curl up between the tree branches.
"I don't know about you guys, but I feel like exploring!" Lisa declared. She stood and stretched.
"Where do you plan on going?" Her boyfriend Tony asked. He sounded like he wanted to go alone with her. It would be abnormal to find them apart at anytime.
"How about me and you go out alone. I think there's a lake somewhere around here." She said, knowing exactly what he was thinking.
He smiled, "Lets go then" He stood and they left quietly in some random direction. I doubted there was a lake. Those two would definitely be getting into something tonight.
I sigh. "I feel like exploring something too." I say to Riley and Sam. Those two weren't going out, but anyone could tell they liked each other. I didn't have anyone I liked though. So I was the only one without a pair. It would probably be best to go out alone. "So see ya, I wanna look for the dippers in the sky." It was a lie but I wanted those two to be alone together. Riley was very shy and so, doesn't quite know how to express herself. Sam could easily help her with that.
"Bye." Riley called, "Just don't get lost." Sam just waved.
"You know I won't. I am the best at all of us at finding my own way." She just laughed. I wasn't really the best, just better than the rest of them.
I walked a small length in no particular way. I picked up a random tree branch and made lines along the ground, this would make it easier to find my way back.
I could hear the calls of owls from somewhere. I ignored it though. I didn't particularly care for nature, just tolerated it. Upon walking, I saw some blue light. I was strange of course, because it was supposed to be night time and this was obviously not the moon's glow due to the fact it was in front of me and not above me. I walked toward it, almost as if drawn to it. Not sure what it was or how far it was.
As I neared it, I saw that it came from a cave. I got closer, not sure if I should enter. Curiosity got the better of me and I took a few steps into lit up space. I took step after step without much thought to wear I was going. Perhaps I was hypnotized? Or maybe something else was going on? As I reached the point in which the light was nearly blinding, I could just make out a single blue flower. It was beautiful! Like nothing I had ever seen.
It's petals looked like blue flames and the center was white, moving like an invisible wind was blowing. It was so strange, that I couldn't think. I took steps toward it, drawn by it's amazing look. As I got closer, I could feel heat, almost as though It was radiating it. Like it was made of fire.
What did I want with this flower though? Why did I keeping walking toward it? I couldn't even stop myself. Before I realized what I was doing, I was standing above the flower. I bent down, deciding to simply pick it. My hand was a foot from it, but I couldn't get any closer. Something was keeping me from touching it. I felt dazed and sleepy. Not sure what to do. I closed my eyes in an attempt to think.
Suddenly, I realized what was happening. I could smell something. Like a perfume. It was making me sleepy. Like a spell cast to make a princess sleep. I stopped breathing from my nose and soon my head started clearing. I stood, too fast, feeling dizzy again and seeing black spots on my vision. I waited a minute to let it clear and started moving away from the strange flower.
I walked like a robot. Away from the cave and what it held in it's depths. I soon found my way to the fire, discovering no one. The fire wood was even gone. There was absolutely no sign anyone had recently been in this area. I was still feeling dazed and found myself along the animal made path we had followed to get here. I stumbled in my steps, it was still fairly dark out. When I eventually found the road, I was sure I would collapse.
That is because something was not making sense. This road was not the same one we stopped at. Not even close. It did not look as decrepit as it had when we arrived. It appeared to be newer, or just recently remade. I could only assume I had come to a different place, followed a different path after the cave. With that in mind, I followed the road on my left because that was the direction we came in. I knew of a gas station that I could wait at for them.
As I walked, not many cars passed. I didn't really look at them as they passed me. But something nagged at my mind as each one went by. Something telling me to pay close attention to them. I did, and my breath caught.
They all looked odd. Not at all like what I was used to seeing. They didn't look old or anything like that, they just looked, modern. Or maybe better described as futuristic. I could hardly hear any sound from the engines, which I should have realized sooner. I didn't understand it though. Why did the look like this? What had happened when I went into that cave. I had to get to the gas station soon. Otherwise I might just go insane.
I started running. I ignored the pain that started growing and the deep breaths I was taking. When I reached the gas station, my fears grew. It looked hardly anything like what I had seen before. It was set similar to what I was used to, but the pumps looked different. Not actually like pumps at all. More like a cord of sorts. I saw a parked car and could see one of the cords was attached. Was it charging the car? No gas necessary?
I walked the rest of the few feet toward the building. Watching as other cars stopped to charge their vehicles. My legs felt numb and I could feel a knot growing in my stomach. I reached the paved platform and walked to the building. It all looked clean and organized. The sold similar things but, it was different. A bell rung when I entered. A man looked up. He had a surprised look when he saw me. But his eyes were on my clothing.
I looked at what he was wearing, it was nothing like what I had on. Some other design, not much of any way I can describe it. Maybe crazy.
"Who are you?" He asked, not sure what he was seeing.
"I'm just here for a question." I said, avoiding the question he asked.
"What is that?"
"I want to know, what day is it. That means the year too."
He looked surprised and wary. "It's June 8th, 2035."

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