Hearts of light: A Kingdom hearts fan fiction

Jakk is one of my OC's. The mountain is just called mt. Laker, after his last name.

Chapter 1

And so it begins

by: Shaneyugi
I tread the Icy slope as I searched for that scumbag. A man in a black cloak came in to my enclosure and stole my most prized possession. I picked up my short swords and used them to climb a wall of ice. I looked at the breath taking view of the towns surrounding the tundra. I watched as black creatures started to spawn out of nowhere. I used started to attack the oncoming waves of enemies. I watched as they just kept coming. I started to pant heavily as I tired.

I saw three figures jump over the slope and fight off the creatures. The creatures started to disappear, and soon the four of us were alone. As I looked at their faces, i noticed one was a short duck with a staff, another was a large doglike thing with a shield, and the last was a human with a giant key. I put away my swords and sat down. "Who are you guys,?" I asked. "I'm Sora," the human said. "I'm Donald," the duck said. "The name's Goofy," the last one said. "I'm Jakk," i said. "Can you explain to me what's been happening on my mountain?" I asked. "They're the heartless, they cause a lot of trouble," Sora explained.

"These Heartless came around shortly after that strange man took something of mine," i said. "What did he look like?" "He had a black hood..." "ORGANIZATION XIII!" They interrupted. "They must be after something important if they took my... stuff." What is it they took?" Sora asked. "I'd rather not talk about it," i said sheepishly. "Oh well, let's get em," Sora said. "Okay, I'll go with you guys, if you can handle it up here," i challenged. "No problem," the three of them said.


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