Five Bands

Five Bands.

Chapter 1

I just picked the last 5 I listened to.

Pick five bands you like before answering the questions:

1. Rancid

2. Alkaline Trio

3. The Living End

4. Tarakany!

5. Panzer AG

What was the first song you ever heard by 1?
I've been listening to the for 13 years but I think it was "Time Bomb".

How did you find out about 4?
I used to search the internet for bands by genre all the time when I was bored...and sometimes by location. Found this awesome Russian punk band called Tarakany!

Favourite Lyrics of 3?
I have many but the first that came to mind was: "I may not believe in Jesus, But I believe in sacrifice.
Life doesn't always stand a reason, And no one ever gets a chance to live it twice."

Favourite song by 5?
Maybe "Aenimal" or "Moerketio"

What is your favourite song by 1?
That's the hardest one but I'll go with "St. Mary"

When did you first get into 2?
Hm, I was 12-13 years old so around 2002-2003.

How did you get into 3?
I walked into Strawberries (a music-store chain for people who didn't have them) saw it and walked out with it without ever having heard the band before. That was ten years ago.

What's your favourite song by 4?
Hm, "1975" or "Gimn Demokraticheskoi Molodezhi Mira" - I can't get the Cyrillic text to work anywhere other than in comments so I had to use the English transliteration.

Is there a song by 5 that makes you sad?
"Not Too Late".

What's your favourite song of 2?
Probably "Old School Reasons" and "Burn".

Favourite band members from each of them?
I don't really pick favorites but for the sake of the survey why not. Rancid: Tim Armstrong. Alkaline Trio: Matt Skiba. The Living End: Chris Cheney. Tarakany!: Dmitry Spirin. Panzer AG: Andy LaPlegua.

Favourite album from 2?
Remains? Or the S/T with the cassette tape on the front.

Have you ever seen 1 live?
5-6 times. Last time was in June.


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