My Life as a Movie Soundtrack (Repost) (yeah blah blah blah)

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool and choose songs to fit with the setting

Chapter 1

My Outdated Music Library

Opening Credits: Gives You Hell (all america rejects) uh well thats um……i have no comment XD i guess it works. sorta

Waking Up: Time Warp (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) wow this is quiet funny. ah irony

First Day of School: Devil Inside (INXS) you know this describes school pretty well. apparently i go to school with demons XD

Falling In Love: Lovesick (Emily Osment) you have no idea how much this relates to my love life. its creepy. and no i did not plan it to be this song

Fight Song: Hit Em Up Style (Blu Cantrell) what is it with all these ironic songs?

Breaking Up: Never Grow Up (Taylor Swift) WTF?! i have no words. man i need to clean up my iTunes library

Prom Night: Good Girl (Carrie Underwood) oh god. this is prom night written all over it. O_o

Moving Out: Keep Holding On (Avril Lavigne) um i guess it fits………sorta. i have the worst taste in music. my sister and I share a library of music……-.-

Life: The One that Got Away (Katy Perry) ………I have no words for this. no comment.

Mental Breakdown: Like Whoa (Aly and AJ) anybody remember them? holy shiit this song is like wow………..

Driving: Not Your Birthday (Allstar Weekend) why on earth are my songs ironic? is it like a fvcking sign or something? WHY?!

Flashback: Criminal (Britney Spears) Dont ask. just don't

Secrets Are Revealed: White Horse (Taylor Swift) im gonna freaking cry

Getting Back Together: Thats The Way I Love You (Taylor Swift) seriously i have too many taylor swift songs on here. Anyway. Oh. My. God. This song is so perfect! Oh my god!

Wedding: On the Floor (Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull) wow uh no comment. I'm going to have a very wild wedding it seems

Birth of a Child: Party in the U.S.A (Miley Cyrus) NO JUDGING! I HAVE TO CLEAN OUT MY MUSIC OK?! I GET IT! i guess this song makes somewhat sense

Final Battle: Fallen Angels (Black Veil Brides) how fitting. wow. finally some music i actually like! jesus. my library needs to die or i need to make sure i don't share it with my sister

Funeral Song: Fearless (Taylor Swift) HOW MANY FVCKING TIMES MUST I WRITE THIS GIRL'S DAMN NAME! GOD! Thats what i get for being obsessed with her and uploading all the albums. sigh

Final Credits: Last Name (Carrie Underwood) um…… just no.

By: Star_Dust (FOLLOW_DA_LIAM)

Wow I learned something today. its called CLEAN OUT MY ITUNES MUSIC! My god i had horrible choices in songs when i was younger. and my sister has such horrible choices. Im just too lazy to clean it out. At least no 1D songs came on.


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