Time Will Fix It All

When life seems to be down and you feel like all you want to do is drown, take a step back and look for the people who care. It doesn't matter how many there are, think of the ones who do, and cast away the ones who don't, because in the end, time will make you better and you will regret it if you give up and not keep up the fight. Since Time Will Fix It All and all you have to do is give time the chance to fix it for you.
This is just a poem and you guys don't need to worry, it's just a poem

Chapter 1

Time Will Fix It All

When time starts to untwine
I'll just lie and say that I am fine
because the past makes it seem
like no one cares until a certain extreme.

Looking behind my back,
I realize that I'm ready to crack
and no one will care once I'm gone
because I was just a pawn.

Insecure and out of reach
with nothing left to teach
I'll just move on and hope
that everyone will learn to cope.

With only a few that actually care,
I'll leave without a second to spare
and no one will probably notice
that I can't even focus.

The darkness has took over
and death is always getting closer
but I guess I won't give up
for the people who don't make me feel like a dump.

I'm close to my end
and all I need is time to mend,
time will fix it all
and pretty soon, it will just be a close call.

Time will fix it all.


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