Now I need eyeliner girls.

Need a new eyeliner. Help?

Chapter 1


Yesterday was nail polish and today was eyeliner. I wear black eyeliner to school (no dumb comments on that please) and by the end of the day the liner drips from my waterline to underneath my lashes and makes my face look dirty and awful. So I need some help finding a new liner please! My requirements?

♥ Under $10
♥ Black
♥ Long wearing
♥ Goes on smoothly
♥ Good color (it doesn't take a thousand layers to make it black)
♥ Smooth application
♥ Stays in place and doesn't drip or fall

Hope someone can help me! I don't really prefer gel or liquid liners though. I have always used pencil ones. I like retractable ones also but if I have to sharpen it I guess i'll just have to deal with that. Please help me out!

~ ♥ you all, Krystal


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