Idea! Please read!!!

Alright, so it hit me just recently and I decided I wanted to do it!

Chapter 1

Hunger Games Story Battle

It's a Hunger Games story competiton where you go head to head with tributes (Quibblo writers) and it doesn't start until the real Hunger Games that you get eliminated but your stories give you extra points like if Pete got 5 points in his Cornicopia story and Taylor got 4 points than Pete won but if Taylor got an extra 5 points than she moves on.
Technically like a story contest but all Hunger Games realted and you're going against 23 other people with extra points in the beginning (because no one doesn't head shot you if your interview SUCKS! XD) There are 3 winners for the Hunger Games prepping (Reaping, Parade,etc.). One or two people get booted and their character dies it depends if how many people don't do their chapter so if it's more than one than you'll be safe.
I'll make a group story for this and you have a week to make your chapter, or your out OR we can all make our own story, you'll put all your tasks on it, and you can send me the link to it and you'll have a week to do it also comment below your opinion and the one with the most votes wins!
Does it make sense? It's like extra points that you have to use at the beginning so you have to use it in the Cournicopia bloodbath, nothing else.
Please sign up, and I also need 1 more judge jus to be fair.
Here's how you sign up.
Age (12-18, make sure to make it a variety):
Strengths:(1 major like Really fast, good aim, and 2 minor like can adapt to any tempature, or very quiet)
Weakness: (As many as you want)
Reason of entering: (Like reaped or volunteered for younger sibling)
Please comment if you have any questions also!
NOTE: A_Small_Drop is my other judge but I wanted to let you know about the extra judge. Also, PLEASE don't be 18! I actually have enough people at age 18, I want a variety!


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