How much longer can I live with this? (short story about pollution)

It is for a contest. I know, too many contests.

Chapter 1

Pollution is killing everyone.

I hear a small cough from the other room. I try to ignore it and continue to write in my journal.

September 5th, 2298,

Here we are. The last of us. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic. We are not sure if it is the last of us. But we have searched for more people. It's hard to yell with all of this pollution in the air. Impossible to breathe deeply without hacking up a storm. My mum-oh sorry people now in days say I should spell it mom-used to tell me about how fresh trees and flowers used to smell. Now, we do everything we can to breathe short breaths and through our mouths. There are 5 of us here. A very sick young girl who is 7, her name is Lilly, a boy who is going to turn 10 soon, his name is Gabriel, a young woman who is 25 to 35-she refuses to tell us her age so we guessed-, her name is Casandra, a 45 year old man, named Jack, and me. I am 16 years old today. My name is Annabeth, but I tend to go by Ann. The pollution is so terrible, most kids and old people die. Everyone kind of has a feeling Lilly will be dead soon. Wish I could say that she will go to a better place, but the truth is I don't believe in heaven or god. Because if god were real, he wouldn't be allowing us to die down here like a bunch of rotten people. Anyways, getting off topic here. I am writing by the dim light we have in here. Everyone else is asleep

I hear some movement. I quickly move my eyes to wear I heard the movement come from. I have earned my respect here as the tough person, the no fooling around person. If they caught me writing then even Lilly would be laughing at me. I stay still for a moment, but the movement doesn't move again. I start to write again.

I better hurry and finish this up before someone diffidently wakes up. I will try to write again tomorrow. Goodbye.


I close my book and hide it, then I close my eyes and sleep.

I awaken to a sudden coughing. I open my eyes in alert and imediatly look over to Lilly. She isn't the one coughing for a change. Instead it is Jack, the older man. I get up and cautiously walk over to him.

"Are you okay?" I whisper, noting that it is still late at night.

"Of course. Just...a little tickle in my throat is all." Jack rasps.

"Okay." I say, uncertain.

I lay down and try to get the fact that the leader of our group might be getting sick out of my head. If he died then Casandra would probably be in charge, but all she talks about is how this whole pollution and end of the world thing is so last season and that it is making her get wrinkles. We would surely either die from starvation or kill ourselves. The second one would probably happen first. I eventually fall asleep.

"Ann...Ann...ANN!! Wake up!" I hear Gabriel's voice say.

I open my eyes and mumble, "Yes?"

"It's our turn to go scavenging. You love going scavenging." he says.

I smile and nod my head, sitting up I say, "Let's go scavenging then."

I get up to go scavenging for food, water, and anything else that might come in handy. But even though this is pretty fun. It's also super dangerous, breathe in too much pollution at once and you'll end up like Lilly and more in likely die with in a few days.

September 7th, 2298,

Sorry for not writing yesterday. Something terrible happened. Gabriel and I came back with some food, 2 gallons of half clean water, and some other junk that could possibly come in handy. This is a great score for us. Amazing in fact. But instead of celebrating when we came back we were looking down sadly. Lilly had finally died. As I said we all saw it coming, but we have grown to kind of be like family here. So it was like losing a little sister. To be entirely honest I was pretty close to Lilly. I'm closer to Gabriel, but Lilly came next, then Jack, and finally Casandra. I don't really want to continue writing tonight. I'm sorry. Maybe tomorrow.


I go to sleep, thinking of Lilly.

"Hello Ann." I hear a sweet clear voice say.

" can't be..." my reply comes.

"But it is." the sweet voice says.

A little girl with blonde hair and green eyes comes into view.

"But you just...died...yesterday you died." I say, staring straight at Lilly.

"I did, but I'm gonna tell you a secret." she whispers.

She does a move with her finger, signaling to come closer.

I obey and she whispers, "This is a dream."

I lean back and exclaim, "That explains it!"

Lilly just smiles. She then slowly starts to fade.

"No! Don't go!" I yell.

I sit up, gasping for air.

"Calm down." I hear Jack say.

I listen and look straight into his hazel eyes.

"It was Lilly, wasn't it." Jack states.

I nod my head, even though it wasn't a question.

"I figured you would have some dreams about her tonight." Jack says, "It's going to be okay, we survive. That's why we are alive now. Because we are survives."

He smiles at me and I smile back. I close my eyes and dream again. I see Gabriel with his shaggy blonde hair and brown eyes. I see Casandra with her brown hair and dark brown eyes. Finally I see Jack with his brown hair and hazel eyes. I remember that the 4 of us are survivors and we will keep surviving until the pollution is gone.


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