Some People Are Just Sick.

Chapter 1

Sick. !

Y'know, sometimes I'm a person to stand up and give sarcastic, strongly worded replies to people.
Other times I am so carefree, I don't give a second thought.

But what have people come to? Snapping and sending little 11-12 year olds hate messages?

Really? You have a life in front of you, yet you spend it sending hate?

*Disgusting. *

People these days...

Why would you just send messages saying you don't give a. shiit if you clicked the bloody link?

People aren't deserved to receive comments or messages saying they're. worthless, ugly, or any of that.

So what if people think of ideas you don't care about?

Oh. You don't give two shiits about (insert topic here)?

You know what, I didn't ask for a bloody peanut gallery.committee.

Delete it from your inbox, smart one.

No one cares about your negative comments.

But you know what? I care if you're sending these messages. to other people, but that is completely. immature, and. unacceptable.

(my phone spazzes with periods, sorry)

If you don't like something you deal with me,

you sure as hell do not say it to 11-12 year olds.


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