I kind of miss everyone on here... (used to be immacheerleader1D/ livewhilewereyoung1D)

Chapter 1


When I used to get on all the time, last year it was amazing. I really had no one to talk to in my life, other than possibly my ex. Being on made me feel like there were people in the world that actually cared. I told nobody but I was feeling really alone n the world throughout 5th-7th grade. Something changed last year. I felt worth something. Like I DID matter. Honestly that was all thanks to One Direction and the friendships I've made through them. This year my mom was diagnosed with COPD.This basically means there's an invisible elephant sitting on her chest at all times. When she was frst diagnosed I found out who my real friends were. Some that I thought were my friends ended up not caring in the end, and there now out of my life as much as they can possibly be in a tiny town like mine. But overall, my mother being strong, has made me stronger. I now try to appreciate the things in life. because I know how easy it can all be taken a way.

When I used to get on all the time, I had a bunch of friends. Not necesarily close friends, but definately people who cared about what I was going through. The only one left from that is Esther I think. So it's just be nice to know that some of you are still out there. Idk. A message? A comment? That wold definately make my day.

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