Please read? maybe?

So I just wrote this. It's about my feelings for my crush. I think she is just amazing and gorgeous and so much more that no amount of words will ever describe. I can't sleep right now and I always think better at night so I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

To her :)

The stars welcome me with a kiss
But hearing your unknowable voice would be my bliss.
Alone with my thoughts in the cool night air
The beating of my heart when I think of you doesn't seem quite fair.
My feelings for you untammed
But don't worry, you won't be named.

I long to see your name pop up on my screen
Or you being here with me would be the perfect scene.
Telling you all my feelings and thoughts
I know I would have a minimum of shots.

Just you and me underneath the stars
Our feelings unleashed from the prison bars.
Seeing the fear and pain in your eyes
I would protect you from the world filled with lies.
You don't need to be perfect
Just let the true you surface.

Don't worry about the past
The future is coming fast.
All your secrets will be safe with me
I just hope one day you'll see.

I believe in your dreams
But you buried them in the seams.
Lets just lay here with your eyes filled with wonder
Our hearts would clash like thunder.


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