I need a story title, HELP PLEASE!

Chapter 1

Chapter titles can suck it ._.

Okay so I am writing a story and i dont have a title... could you help e come up with something? please? pretty please? i love you c:

Okay so the four main characters names are Maci, Ryan, Jesse, and Kayla

Ryan takes Maci in with him, after she runs away from home, and she discovers Ryan is a vampire. Jesse is Ryans brother, and Jesse tries to kill Maci because she is human, pretty much Ryans new human friend, she has to die. Kayla was Maci's best friend before Maci ran away. Kayla is brought into the story, and a new vampire, who was bitten by Jesse. I still havent figured it all out, thats as far as ive gotten with the plot

so is it good? and is there any title tat i could use for this? thanks!!!


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