Dirty Little Secret ~ One Direction Love Story

If a heart is broken, partying is the key. And when you're in One Direction, it's all or nothing. When a night of fun turns into a mistake, one secret must be kept. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as they say. Unless there's another celebrity in the mix. Can their secret be kept? Will true love be found along the way? Or will it all collapse? Read to find out ;)

Chapter 1

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

by: 1D4Life
Harry’s P.O.V-
“Come on Harry one night won’t kill ya!” Louis screamed through the door. His fist kept banging on it. I couldn’t stand the heavy sound; my ears were now ringing. I stomped over and opened it. He and Niall looked surprised to see me. Their eyes were wide and their jaws were slightly dropped.

“I’m not in the mood alright?!” I shouted, and then slammed the door in their faces. Almost immediately the banging started again.

“Come on Harry! “ Louis shouted.


“Dude, it’s been like 2 weeks. The media’s going to think you’re dead!” Niall’s thick accent spoke.

“Let’em think what they want.” I could hear Louis’ dramatic scoff from the other side of the room where I was.

“Really Harry? You’re being ridiculous. Are you really going to let some girl ruin you like this?” He sassed. Once again I stomped over opening the door.

“She wasn’t just some girl—“

“Fine, orangutan.” He corrected himself. My nostrils flared in anger and slammed the door on their faces yet again. I flopped onto the bed and squeezed my eyes shut. Her face appeared again; because she wasn’t just some girl. She was all I’ve ever wanted, well; at least I thought so until she broke up with me.

Her name was Shyla Huntingdon, a Victoria Secret model. She had the most beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, and tanned skin. Her body was what every girl wished for. And she was all mine. Until after our San Diego show 2 weeks ago. I received a text from her saying that we needed to talk. Sure enough, she wanted to break-up. Why? Because she felt bad that she didn’t tell me about her fling with an underwear model while we were dating. That’s seven months of my life that I’ll never get back.

“Harry come on man.” Niall whined. I blew away the hair that fell in my face.


“I’m buying…” He teased. Free drinks—that’s one thing I shouldn’t have. “And we’re going to the best place to let go.” My head lifted up.

“Where’s that?” I could imagine the two of them exchanging mischievous smirks.

“Vegas!” They screamed.

Hazel’s P.O.V

“I can’t and I won’t.” I stated firmly then spun around on the swivel chair. I heard someone come up from behind and turn me so that I faced them. My band mate, Raven, looked me in the eyes. She wore a soft smile.

Raven and I were in a duo called L.O.V.E. It stands for, Let Only Violence Escape. Air-go, love fixes everything. As of now, our career has sky rocketed. Sales have never been higher and the number of fans are only growing bigger. We’re currently on our first world tour, but for the next few weeks we’ll be touring in our home country, the US.

“Shouldn’t you forget about him? It’ll help you with writing. Your latest stuff wasn’t the best.” My eyebrows furrowed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said then spun myself the other way. She sighed before turning me once again.

“The past ten songs you wrote were all about making him “disappear” and hoping he’d fall into a well “accidentally”.” I looked away but could see her knowing smirk. I sighed in defeat.

“You would act the same way if your boyfriend of two year just dumped you.” She nodded.

“I know. But I would also not want to sit around eating Ben and Jerry’s until I gain a hundred pounds. You need fresh air, a new beginning. You’ll find someone in no time.” She said as she dragged me out of the studio we rented.

“But I like eating Ben and Jerry’s, though that twit never approved.” I recently dated Chad Benet; a very successful MMA fighter and world renowned fitness trainer. We dated for two years. We talked about marriage not too long ago (even though I’m only 18 and he’s 24), and he said he would wait until I turned 20.

“That’s why you need to get out. We’re in Nevada for crying out loud—home of the party-goers. Vegas is not too far away! We need to go; you need to relax and have fun, and find you someone to fool around with.” I hit her playfully as we made our way to car. Half way through I exclaimed, “I’M NOT EVEN DRESSED FOR PARTYING!” Raven sent a wink my way.

“Look in the back.” She said. I turned around and saw a large duffel bag, “We change when we get there.”

Harry’s P.O.V

We hadn’t been in the Vegas area for thirty minutes and already Niall was a bit tipsy. Eleanor kept a watchful eye on him while Louis bantered with Zayn and Liam from across the table. I, on the other hand, drummed my fingers against my glass while looking off into the distance. I wasn’t in the mood to be in such an energetic atmosphere. I would rather watch pay-per view movies from our hotel’s TV.

“Does Paul know we’re here?” I asked. Zayn looked at me.

“All he knows is that we’re out shopping with El.” He said. I shook my head in dismiss. They can be real pains sometimes.

“Lighten up Harry,” Eleanor said, “where’s that cheeky grin of yours?” When I didn’t budge she started to poke my hand from across the table. Eventually, I couldn’t contain my smiled anymore.

“There it is!” She laughed—having a few drinks in her herself.

“HEY WAITER!” Louis shouted. A passing bartender stopped.

“May I help you sir?” He offered politely.

“Bring me and my group a few pints of your best tasting beer, 10 rounds of shots, and a few of your best martini’s for the lady right here.” He ordered.

“Very well.” The bartender said before leaving. Liam leaned in and whispered, “Louis are you crazy!” Louis waved it off.

“I’m crazy when I’m drunk. And that’s what I want to achieve tonight!” He said holding one finger up to the sky. The sounds of people winning and slot machines buzzed everywhere. Men dressed in flashy tuxedos and ladies wearing tight dresses passed us by. The same bartender who took our order came back in less than 15 minutes. Men dressed in the same uniform stood behind him holding trays. One by one, drinks were passed around. Everyone had a shot in hand and a quart of beer in the other.

“One...two…three!” Louis cheered. We all took our shot then chugged our beer. I began to lighten up instantly. Energy rushed through my veins and I grabbed another tiny glass and gulped it down.

“Go Harry!” I heard someone shout. The six of us took drink after drink and let the good vibes roll. I’d give a number, but I lost count after seventeen, or was it twelve? Thirty-five?

“Hey, Harry?” Niall slurred, “Let’s dance!”

Hazel’s P.O.V

The casino we found was beyond extravagant. It was decorated with sparkle and shiny decals from top to bottom. Slot machines rang and energetic music boomed. Everyone in the area were drunk, gambling, or dancing. All in all, it was a positive aroma.

I felt uncomfortable with all the staring that was directed at me. I knew it because I was wearing, but still. My black blouse was buttoned down so you could see my cleavage due to me wearing a push-up bra. My white skinny jeans and black pumps only added the sexy effect.

“Let’s get something in ya!” Raven laughed. You would think she was already wasted rather than just plain excited to get wasted.

“4 shots of your strongest liquor for each please.” She said to the bartender. He smiled at her then over at me. I looked away and ran a hand through my hair carefully. I even fixed myself thinking I was falling out of the one-size-too-small push-up bra.

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?” He asked us. Raven and I exchanged looks before shaking our heads ‘no’.

“Yeah, yeah I do. You’re the singers in L.O.V.E right?” Raven gave him a sexy smirk and leaned onto the counter. She pulled her shirt down slightly making sure her cleavage was showing.

“We are.” She said with a hint of lust in her voice.

“I’m Brad by the way.” He said as he slid our shots to us, “This ones on the house.” He winked at me before attending to another customer. Raven squealed in my ear.

“Oh my god he totally just hit on you!” She began to shake my arm violently making me spill some of my shot.

“Will you stop? People are starting to stare.”

“Sorry.” She winced, “Now let’s get this party started!”

“To the single life!” We said in unison and clinked our glasses.

Round after round we began to feel alcohol sink in. It felt so much better than the ice cream. Raven was bopping along to the music that was playing and I found myself doing the same. Brad didn’t object when we asked for another round. I think he liked what he saw actually. Two drunken chicks that were fit getting wasted right in front of him. No worries though, all I cared about was forgetting that heartbreaking twit, Chester. Or was it Chase? I can’t even remember or think straight.

“Hey babe?” Raven said to me. I turned to her with another drink in hand. “Let’s dance.” We left the bar and somehow found our way to where the lights flashed and the music boomed.

Harry’s P.O.V

Everything was blurry. Lights were flashing and my head was spinning. I can’t tell if Niall was still with me or not. I was dancing with girl after girl and even some guys. Best part was, no one said anything about me being Harry Styles. All they did was dance and have fun.


“WHOOAAAA!” Everyone screamed. I let the music whisk me away. The alcohol continued to do its magic tricks and I was on Cloud 9. I kept twirling, and dancing, and spinning, and shaking my bum. I did every stupid line dance and made trips back to the bar for another round every now and again. I’m wasted, and I know it. But that wasn’t stopping me.

I kept going, and going, and going. There were more people than before now. I danced with everyone—male and female. Then something happened. A hot girl started dancing with me. It was sloppy dancing—nothing dirty. I can’t recall all of what was going on, but I was having fun. So much fun that I know won’t be remembered in the morning. But it’s okay. It’s like one BIG party. And a little partying never killed anybody.

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the start of all that is yet to come. Someone_Like_You and I are excited to write this and I'm ecstatic on how this collaboration is going to turn out. We love to hear what you guys think so comment and rate. Happy reading :)!! ~Victoria Xx

P.S-- The only real characters are One Direction. Everyone else is fictional :)

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