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Ok...so I created a group story a while ago. Well..I created the sign-ups that is. Finally getting it posted so yeah! sorry to everyone who's in the story for taking so long! and to see character list then click on this link!


Chapter 6

Ryder White - From The Darkness

Wednesday, 11:23am

I was... was... on my way to a... hospital? My memory was blurry, the men had given me something... a drug... but I could remember, remember the shadows...


Monday, 7:42pm

I was sitting on my bed, staring at the ceiling, I knew it wouldn't be long before the police got here, I had killed my consultant after he issued me my mental status, he deemed me insane, if only I was insane, then maybe I could live with the shadows, but all I can do is fight them to keep my sanity, but I know there are side effects to fighting them, I have a rage with no end and the more I fight the worse my rage gets, I can't stand people not understanding me anymore, I decided to hunt down those who believed me insane and take care of them. As I thought this I knew the rage had taken over me again and I couldn't stop it.

Tuesday, 2:26am

I staggered back as the last man on my list delivered a roundhouse kick to my chest, then I charged forward, slamming into him and accidentally falling through the 15th story of the hotel he was living at, as we fell I delivered blow after blow into his face while sitting on top of his body as we plummeted to the ground, eventually the rage let go of me and the man's body increased it's speed, falling much faster than me. As I fell I heard the man's body hit cement, I closed my eyes as I waited for my death, when suddenly my breath was knocked out of me as something hit me in the side, I fell sideways and landed in a pool, I hit the bottom and blacked out.

I woke up wet and lying beside the pool I landed in, I wiped the water from my forehead and realized I was bleeding from my forehead, I stood up and felt woozy, suddenly everything went dark and a shadowy version of me appeared in front of me, it smiled and I tried to punch it, instead I staggered forwards and almost fell over, the shadow laughed and I yelled at it, instead of fighting me like it normally did it talked, for the first time ever,
"Well done Ryder, you did everything we wanted you to"
"No, I fought against you, I killed those who wronged me"
"They never wronged you, they simply saw us as you being insane, you see, we hid ourselves from the doctors, making you seem like a babbling idiot and used your anger to destroy your life"
"No, no, no, NO!"
"Yes Ryder, you did this, all this death, is on your hands"
I looked at my hands and saw blood flowing from them, I could see the dying faces of all the doctors and consultants and I cried, I cried at what i had become and what I had done to myself, and then, I walked into the house and grabbed the phone, I called the police and told them where I was, they asked me why I was doing this, I told them I realized what I'd done and the told me I was going to be put away, I knew this before I had gotten to the phone and before I fell asleep I told them,
"Thank you"

Wednesday, 11:25am

My memory cleared and I remembered what I'd done, I smiled, happy that I had done the right thing, then frowned as I saw a dark smile hiding in the shadows.

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