Six average teenagers. A world of crime and evil. What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 10

The Introduction-Nicholas White

"So far we have a runner or strength person- Bethany; someone who can fly- Lucy; a person who can duplicate themselves- Emiri. I am curious to see what other powers there are." Nicholas says with a grin.

Everyone else nods in agreement, as he adds, "And I'm guessing you're all wondering about my powers?"

There was a bit more nodding. "Well, my names Nicholas. Nicholas White. I can grow wings," Nicholas said, slightly nervously, afraid that the others would not think that a weak power to have. I

"Sweet!" cried Leah. "Could you show us?"

Nicholas' face brightened. "Maybe later," he replied with a smile. "Let's stick to the introduction."

Nicholas continued, clearing his throat before doing so, "And, I can talk to animals."

"That could come in handy," Emiri said, smiling.

If possible, Nicholas' face seemed to brighten even more. He enjoyed receiving the praise.

"So what about your back story, Nick?" Kyran asks curiously, looking over at Nicholas.

"Um, well, I had a pretty average life up until I was six. That was when my Dad left my Mom and I for someone else." Nicholas said. "My Dad still visited after, but without him, we didn't have much money. So we moved in with Gary."

Noticing the other's confused looks, Nicholas went on, "Gary's my Mum's brother."

"Oh." Everyone said in unison.

"Then, after that, my Mom went, sort of...not herself I guess," Nicholas said, glancing at his scars quickly.

He continued on, "So, Gary sent her away to a special hospital."

"Mental hospital?" Bethany inquired.

"Yeah," Nicholas answered. "So, anyway, now its just Gary and I, and Buster. And Dess." He indicated to his furry companions.

"Aw," cooed Lucy, rubbing Buster's fur gently.

"And well, now I like the idea of powers I guess," Nicholas said, smiling at Lucy's liking to his rabbit. "And, now I can talk to my two best friends, and I'll know what they're saying back."

"Oh yeah," Kyran murmured.

"But the only bad thing for me, is, like Lucy, not being able to see my family, which is Gary." Nicholas mumbled, trying to hide the sadness in his voice.

"We're with you on that one, buddy," Leah grinned, nudging him.

"So, who's turn next?" asked Emiri, looking around.

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