Six average teenagers. A world of crime and evil. What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 2

Plane crash

by: angel52
It was 11 Am in the morning, the sunlight was low due to clouds covering it, no much birds were singing, and weather forecasts expected rainy weather the next few days, a weather in which everybody should stay home, well, every except Brian's house.

There lives 4 people. a man, his two daughters from his old wife who died, and his current wife, his younger daughter Emily got excellent grades at school. so her father decided to reward her by a week on the beach starting from the next day.
"YAAY!!" Emily screamed and ran to tell her older sister, Lucy, who wasn't so please by this decision. Lucy is a 15 years old emo who nearly has no friends, misses her mother so much, and likes to dress in dark clothes, she replied her sister "um but the forecasts say the weather will be rainy, do you think we'll enjoy it?"
Emily replied"do you still believe in those stupid forecasts?, no we must go, I deserve it anyways"" Emily protested.
Lucy couldn't help but agreeing. but she also fears a thunder storm could happen tomorrow as they're travelling by plane.

It was Friday evening and the Brian's family were on the plane, it took off, 30 minutes later a thunderstorm started and the hostess said that it hit the plane's wing and they cannot land safely, so everybody must get parachutes.
"I knew that this was going to happen"she thought, wait for me mom I'm likely to come to you, up there"
everybody took parachutes to land, but while Lucy was landing, her parachute got damaged ! she assured herself that she's dying, closed her eyes and raised her arms, and the surprise, she found herself flying ! just like birds ! "it can't be" she thought, "what the hell is happening? what should I do now?" suddenly a helicopter appeared in front of her with two men inside, the helicopter flew round her and they opened the door "come with us, we will bring you to your family safely" Lucy was extremely confused, she couldn't help but entering the helicopter. now Lucy's family thought she did, while in face she was in the helicopter, the two unknown men didn't bring her back to her family, instead they flew the helicopter superfast and in a few seconds, the helicopter disappeared in thin air.

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