Six average teenagers. A world of crime and evil. What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 3

Not Me

by: OreZerO
It had been an average day at school, as always containing above average grades for Emiri Coltend. Her two black braids bounced as she walked, they red ribbons sticking out againster her tan vest. She steadily moved from just walking to skipping slightly, minding cracks and rocks. She had traveled this path many times, and felt very comfortable traveling alone. Just as always she turned right onto Bryant Street, passing one of the local coffee shops. As she moved forward her focus shifted from the sidewalk to her legs, and as she walked she tried to keep them moving in time. Under her breath she counted from one to eight, each time she uttered a number the heel of one of her feet would touch the pavement.

Once she was finally brought back into the realized she had missed her turn, and was going the wrong way. She quickly turned around and tried to retrace her steps, but there was suddenly three boys standing in her way. They were grinning like maniacs, and Emiri instantly recognized them as students from her school. They weren't just that though, they were also the students at the bottom of the class. The one in the center stepped towards her, and asked for the cheat sheets. Emiri was frozen in place, and the boys continued to press while also making fun of her. They stepped closer allowing her no easy escape, and she instinctively stepped back.

Instead of simply just going back one step, she began arching her back and extending her arms. As she did this she also jumped into the air, and did 3 backwards handsprings. Once she had regained her baring she looked down to see that she was wearing a fitted black jumpsuit that reminded her of comic book super women. She then proceeded to cover her eyes as though she was playing peek-a-boo with a child, and when she opened her eyes she was just as surprised as the three guys. A masquerade mask had appeared on her face and there where aproximentally eleven other copies of herself surrounding the three boys. The guys, like any one with an ounce of sense would do, ran away as fast as they could.

Just as they left Emiri began to feel slightly dizzy, and almost about to collapse. Right before she fell over the eleven dummies exploded and some mysterious voice said "Madem Nightmare". With that she collapsed, landing hard on the pavement. She felt the jump suit dissapear, but the mask still remained. Just before she fell unconcious she saw two hands reach for her.

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