Harry Potter Funny Stuff

You've probably seen some of these before, but...enjoy!

Chapter 3


1. Ask if you can borrow one of her pink vests.

2. Throw her a surprise birthday party and invite all the half-breeds you know.

3. Ask her if she was a Hufflepuff back in the day, because that would explain a lot.

4. Do the cha-cha on her desk.

5. Help Lee Jordan smuggle Nifflers into her office.

6. Pull an Operation Snape and set her robes on fire.

7. Claim that her mother was a troll.

8. Confess to her that you have a crush on the centaur Firenze.

9. Whenever you’re near her, loudly mention that you think the Ministry of Magic sucks.

10. Charm her so she’ll croak like a toad every time she tries to speak.

11. Forge love letters and sign them with the Minister of Magic’s name.

12. Ask her if she’s related to Trevor.

13. Buy her Weasley’s Wild-Fire Whiz-Bangs for Christmas.

14. Offer her fashion advice and/or a makeover.

15. Dress up like her for Halloween.

16. If she asks you a question in class, only answer her with wolf howls and growls.

17. Set her up on a blind date with Grawp.

18. Offer her flies and claim they’re good with ketchup.

19. Produce a Harry Potter play and insist that Trevor portray Umbridge.

20. Sneak a Portable Swamp into her office—and make sure she can’t get rid of it.

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