Chapter 1

The Van

by: RIP_Tom
It was dark, he could almost hear his muffled heart beat through his hoodie, with each breath it was pounding harder and harder, tearing through cracked and dry skin. A single tear dripped from his colorless eyes, hydrating his skin almost instantly, you could see the crevices in his skin absorb the tear, swallowing it. His hair blew in the wind, whilst the heavy rain danced upon his forehead. He had had enough. He ripped his hoodie off with one mighty tug, the tear of fabric made even the deafest of creatures cringe. His tattoos powered through the rain, standing out more than ever, they were almost hypnotic when the rain landed upon his chest with a sudden splash. He closed his eyes and held his hands to his face, washing the rain into his unsettled hair, a van parked up behind him. He was a cautious boy, and he remembered everything his mother told him. 'Run!' He thought, but his feet were somewhat glued to the uneven ground. A man in a Fred Perry polo shirt and a pair of black designer jeans stepped out of the van and inspected the boy, with an unfriendly smirk lying on his lips. Another couple of men, all dressed in black also came out of the van, whispering to each other.
"Wh-What d-do you w-want..?" the boy stuttered.
The man laughed and faced the other few men "Foxy, bag him."
By now the boy's legs were trembling too much to have been glued to the ground, he started to run, faster than he'd ever ran in his life. Something stopped him, a figure, it was holding a sack in one hand, and a rope in the other, 2 of the men watching grabbed the boy and held him against the van, he tried kicking, so the figure with the bag hit him as hard as he could in between the legs. The man in the Fred Perry shirt laughed, almost turning the boy's hopes to re-burnt ash. The sack was put over his head and secured tightly with the rope. One of the men, Foxy, lifted the boy up and threw him into the back of the van, it shook as his body hit the metal at the back of the van.
He closed his eyes, "I must be dreaming." he whispered, pinching his arm, "Please be a dream.."


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