Abigail falls in a coma at a very young age, she wakes up 28 yrs later, how will she understand the things we do today? The cultures, such as music cultures...

My entry for the Quibblo Writing Contest #23

Chapter 1

At the Hospital

My eyes flutter open, the lighting in this room is extremely bright at the moment. I sit up quickly, feeling light-headed. I hear people talking and some sobbing...what's going on? I look down my arms until my gaze reaches my hands, they look so pale and my fingers look very boney.

"Guys!!! She's awake!!!" a familiar voice yells excitedly
I feel my bed being surrounded by a few people...wait...this isn't my room, I look around, I see the white walls, the chairs placed neatly next to my bed and some object that seems to imitate a tv, in front of my bed, Where am I...? A hospital...?
I see many familiar faces smiling down at me, with tears in their eyes...
"What happened?" I ask

"Well, you've been in a coma for the longest time on record..." a nurse says "do you remember anything?"

"How long have I been gone?" I blurted out "and yes, I recognize some faces"

A doctor enters the room and answers my question "28 years, and its impressive you still have many abilities, and remember some things..."

My face: O.O "28 years!? How did you guys know I was going to survive?"

"We didn't, your older brother, Ryan, just held us back on unplugging life support all these years, he had faith you would wake up someday'' the doctor answered "even though he gave up recently and we were going to unplug life support today, but now you're awake!" He smiles

My eyes watered, I feel arms wrap around my tiny, weak body, my brother's face was nuzzled into my neck so I couldn't see his face, it was obvious he was crying, scratch that, we all were. The room was filled with tears of joy, this was truly a miracle...I can't believe I survived this...

The doctor interrupted all the emotions welling up in the room to let my family and friends know they had to leave for some minutes, he had a few tests to run to see if I was well enough to go home. 'Home' I thought

The doctor snapped me out of my thoughts "well, we will run the tests to see if you're okay"

I smiled, I might finally go home again.

-after the tests-

"Well miss Johnson, it seems like you're going to be able to go to your house whenever you wish to" the doctor says while making his way towards the door. "Wait.." he turns around "yes, miss Johnson?" "What's my name?" "Abigail, Abigail Johnson" he smiles and leaves the room "thanks Doc" I smile at the thought of my name

Ryan's POV

"The tests have been done and Abigail can leave any moment now" doctor Jones tells me
"Doctor, there's a patient having a stroke at room 213" a nurse informs him
"I'm on my way" doctor Jones says while making his way towards the room

I quickly go in Abigail' s room and I see her making her way towards the bathroom, I help her get inside and wait for her to finish getting dressed. As soon as she comes out I smile a bright smile, receiving a smile in return.

Abigail's POV

When I enter the bathroom to change, I look at my reflection on a mirror, I look much older now...'how old am I?' as I take my hospital gown off I look down at my body, I have cuts and bruises all over me, what did I get myself into? I was stick thin, my bones poke out. I finished getting dressed and headed out of the bathroom.

Back to Ryan's POV

"I have a bunch of questions that need to be answered soon!" Abigail exclaimed

I chuckle "I know, but let's go home first and I'll answer every single question"

We made our way out of the room and went over to the others

"Ready to go home?" Clarissa, my aunt asked

"Yep!" Abigail said making the 'p' pop

---skipping car ride---

The car went to a complete stop, I look over at Abigail, she seems to be amazed once her gaze is placed on our house.
"It may be small house, but it's cozy" I tell her
She doesn't take her eyes off the view "what do you mean small!? This house could be a care center!"
I laugh at her example

After we ate and thanked our parents for our food and chatted for several hours, we made our way to Abigail's room. As I open the door, memories come back to her, we never touched a thing in the room, we left it how it was after the accident, I shivered at the thought of it but shook it off.

"Its a little girl's room!"
"Remember, its been 28 yrs since..."
"Almost forgot that detail"
Abigail sits on a small chair that actually fit her quite well, she was practically skin and bones after the coma, but she'll be healthy and fit soon. She was staring at me like a little kid waiting for a story to be told.

I sigh, knowing I will have to relive the trauma while telling her.

I sat on the floor and got comfortable knowing it was going to be a long story...

"Before you start, how old am I?"
"Well, Abigail, you are 36 years old right now."
"Woah, um, when you finish the story, please explain to me the sorceries you guys are using" she chuckled

"Well, it all happened when you were 8 years young..."

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