Stolen Time

Andrea is only five when she is hit by a car. Miraculously, she survives, but is in a coma. She awakes in 2013, alive, yes, but thirty-three with damaged motor skills and the mentality of a five year old.

The prologue and epilogue are going to be in third person, but the rest of the story is going to be in first person and past tense. It's meant to be like she's re-telling the story, but we see the beginning and ending as they're actually happening. Chapters will be fairly short.

Chapter 1

The Accident- 1985

A soft summer breeze blows through Andrea's front lawn as she throws the ball to her older sister, Katy. Katy retrieves it from two yards away and throws it back with ease, examining her nails as it flies through the air. She is thirteen, seven years older than Andrea, and a total beauty queen. The only reason she is playing catch is because she loves her little sister and getting kind of dirty is worth it to see her smile.

The large, squishy ball hits Andrea square in the chest and knocks her to the ground. She laughs and sits there for a minute, watching a beetle make it's way through the grass. Andrea has a fascination with bugs, dirt and animals, and is starting kindergarten at a nature school in September. Standing up, she puts a good deal of energy into tossing the ball back at Katy, only to have it land a good two feet to the right.

"You're getting better!" Katy exclaims, picking the ball up. "Watch me. See how I stand facing you, and point my arms in your direction? When you throw it, you face my right, not me." She moves as she talks and throws the ball back at Andrea.

Catching the ball, Andrea adjusts her body so it's facing Katy and concentrates on throwing it to her, not near her. To her delight, it sails threw the air and lands in her sister's hands. "Yay!" she yells, doing a little dance.

"Great job," Katy replies, smiling. "Now let's see if you can do that again!" They toss the ball back and forth with varied results until Katy gets hit in the head and they both fall down, laughing. Andrea scoots closer until the sisters are head to head, then they lay there for a minute looking at the clouds.

"Girls, time to come in!" They hear their mother, Mrs. Donovan, yell from the doorway.

"Okay, be inside in a minute!" Katy yells back. Talking to Andrea, she says, "Do you know where the ball rolled off to?"

Andrea nods and replies, "It's in the street. I'll get it!" Without hesitation, she jumps up and runs into the street to get the ball. As she grabs it, a bird flies overhead, distracting Andrea. She looks at the sky and laughs as a car quickly turns the corner and drives toward her, swerving.

The driver is a young teenager taking his father's Fiat Scorpion for a joyride. He has three friends packed into the seat next to him and an open can of beer in his hand. His other hand is being used to control the wheel, and he isn't doing a very good job.

"Dude, the breaks, the breaks!" the boy's friend yells, seeing Andrea standing in the road.

He replies with, "Which one is that?" Instead of hitting the correct pedal, he slams on the gas and races forward even faster. One boy is still laughing and takes another drink of his own beer bottle.

The sound of burning rubber makes Katy look behind her. Struggling to be heard over the deafening sound, she yells, "Andrea!" She takes off running toward the street.

Andrea is still distracted by the bird, a crow, circling above her and doesn't pay attention to the screams of four teenage boys or skids of the stolen car's tires. Suddenly, time slows as the car approaches. She finally notices it, but it's too late to do anything. Mrs. Donovan is peeking her head out the doorway to see what the noise is and why her daughters aren't inside yet. Katy is jumping in front of Andrea, trying to push her out of the way.

The car hits the sisters, Katy getting hit worse. It swerves and crashes into a tree, three of the boys are thrown through the windshield and the driver is stabbed through the chest with a low branch. Mrs. Donovan screams and runs toward her daughters.

It's obvious that Katy is gone right away, but Andrea is still alert for a minute that stretches on forever. Mrs. Donovan is yelling, "Robert! Robert!" The crow is screeching and still circling overhead. Pain threads through Andrea's body, then everything goes black.

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