One of A Kind

This is an original group story!

Chapter 1

Get A Clue

by: OreZerO
I watched June’s hands move, up, over, then down; this was repeated five times, and finally she placed her piece into the Study, contently. She then spoke her guess; maid with the rope in the Study. My deep brown eyes quickly shifted to Shiloh, knowing he would have an objection. Alyss had already guessed that the rope was the weapon used, Shiloh showed her a card, and she never guessed it afterward. Nor had Shiloh guessed the rope at all during the game. It could have always been a coincidence, but there are not many of those in a world controlled with creatures as strange as humans.

Next up was Piper, and I saw her dark brown hair move side to side against her face as she went to pick up the die. A six this time, six is such a nice number; it is a perfect square and on top of that it is even. Using four of her six moves, she relocated her piece to the Billiards room and proceeded to make a guess. Piper thought it was Professor Plum, with the candlestick, in the very room her piece was sitting in. Rebecca quickly demurred and showed her a card. The card was either of the candlestick or of the Billiards room. By the way that she started counting the number of squares to the hall, I concluded that the card shown was the Billiards room.

Next up was Daniel, the person right before me. He rolled the die and got a simple one, which he was surprisingly content with. He, like most everyone else, he went on to making a guess. His was that Mr. Green did it in the conservatory with the wrench. Hunter, without a moment of doubt, showed Daniel a card- what I think to be the conservatory. For some reason this exchange seemed to spark something in Shiloh.

“What is the point of this game? I get that most games don’t have a purpose, but we are all at least 18, and I think I have out grown it. Also, who was the one killed?” Before he could ask us any more questions, Piper jumped in.

“I am pretty sure that the man- or woman of the manor was murdered, and we must figure out who of the people there at the time was the culprit. And for your initial question, wouldn’t you say that this helps us? It keeps our brains working and sets us in a semi- realistic situation.”

I stared at the center staircase- the room where you go once you think you know who the culprit is. Instead of traveling around the board to different rooms, I have left my pawn circling the stairs. I rolled the die and got a perfect 3, the exact number of spaces I had to the opening.

“I know who did it.” I announced. I stared at the piece of paper that was supposed to be used to mark everything down, mine without a single finger having touched it. Just as always, we all picked up our pens and paper, very carefully. We wrote our names, circled the who, what, and where that we thought belonged to this murder. We all placed them in the middle of the board, and I grab the classified envelope. I opened it and saw just what I expected, Professor Plum, the Hall, and the wrench. In the silence of the room I compared each of the slits of paper to the cards in my hand, and there was no hint of surprise when I announced who won.

“It was Professor Plum in the hall with the wrench, just as everyone guessed.” There was some small talk as we cleaned up; once that was done we all went our separate ways.

I went over to my room, which I shared with June. I walk in to see the worst thing ever; someone had come and completely messed up my half of the room. I quickly start cleaning, not wanting to stare at the horrid mess any longer. I start with making my bed; as I did this I remembered how much I love the feeling of the soft purple sheet against my skin. I fluffed up the pillows and then moved across the room to my dresser, only about 10 feet. The five books are stacked and moved to the far right side, right next to my journals. I then open the third drawer on the right and place the Clue game box two from the top. Luckily all the games and other books in the drawers were still in alphabetical order, so I left them be. I picked up each article of clothing and place them in their designated areas.

I am suddenly snapped back into reality when I hear the sound of a bell pierce the air. I quickly put the last pair of socks into their spot, and then rush down two flights of stairs to the dinning room. I walk into a room full of approximately 40 kids from the ages of 7 to 20. I walk to the table for those who are 18, 19, or 20 and walk around the table admiring the nametags. Most seats were labeled with everyone’s official Flynn’s House name and their real name, a few people nicknameless. First I came across Daniel’s chair, instead labeled with the female version of his name- Daniella. Next to him was Shiloh, one of the few kids here without a nickname. Continuing clockwise was June, or JJ, and Alyss- also know as Logic. To her right was Piper’s seat, also labeled with the name Pix. Next to her was Hunter, also one of the few without an alternative name. The person who was to my right was next, Rebecca, or just Becca. Finally was me- Gwendolyn, or Jr. I got the name from my OCD tendencies and the fact the Junior means less then the top, which is something I will not tolerate.

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