Bound~ An Original Group Story

Four people with unsuspecting paths, with they cross, merge or fade......

Chapter 1


by: British_
Type: Assaain
Name and Gender: Lily AKA The Black Hand
Appearance: black hair, dark blue eyes, 6'1, curvy, tall, feminine
Personality: mysterious, Dark, brave, witty, sarcastic, dangerous, serious, angered easily
Weapons: knives hid in sleeves and boots, cross-bow,
Romantic Partner: N/A
Abilites: Stealth, Thievery, one handed, archery, persuasion

Type: Royal
Name and Gender: Juliet Elizabeth Ramona Lucelle the 2nd
Appearance: Very beautiful, long brown hair, light bluish grey eyes, fair skin, has a warm smile, and average height and weight.
Personality: Smart, quiet, shy, loves to smile, hates to be spoiled, loves horses, and fearless.
Weapons: She has a small dagger, but she knows how to use a bow and arrow.
Romantic Partner: Assassin 2
Abilities: She's very fast, horseback rider, good at climbing, she can use any dagger or bow, and she knows a lot about nature.

Type: Warrior
Name and Gender: Adam Talon Walker and male.
Appearance: Tall, muscular, athletic, scar going down his left cheek and leg, naturally tanned skin, blue eyes with flecks of brown, shaggy and slightly long dark brown hair, bit of facial hair on his chin, handsome features.
Personality: Confident, Brave, Stubborn, Friendly, Kind, Loyal, Trustworthy, Honest, Average Smarts, Hates Negativity.
eapons: A long sword and a shield slung over his back. Dagger hidden in his boot.
Romantic Partner: Assassin
Abilities: Extremely good fighter, skilled with any weapon, he's very strong, good at gaining people's trust

Type: Warrior
Name and Gender: Sapphire Omaghen
Appearance: Short but stronger than most girls, very athletic and agile, Tan skin w/ a bit of sunburn, hazel eyes with green speckes, Long waist length pure blond hair, Skinny,
Personality: Brave, adventurous, sporty, happy, optimistic, very serious sometimes, loyal, very confident, a people person, can keep a secret, holds grudges, stubborn, fierce
Weopons: Short sword, daggers, 2 hooked swords
Abilities: agility, speed, very cunning

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