Misadventures of a Teenage 'SuperVillian' ~ An Orginal Story

Mia DiOrdy is a SuperHero, which should be exciting, right?! WRONG! Her family is made up of SuperVillians! Join Mia during her misadventures as she tries her hardest to fight the good and embrace the evil.

Chapter 1


"Mia? Mia, are you coming!?" My mom calls back at me. "I don't understand why you insist on wearing you pajamas to breakfast!" I personally think my Winnie the Pooh- printed pajama set is the perfect outfit choice for the meal.

My mom takes her seat at the head of the long, ornate dining table. It always baffles me how she can live in such a nice apartment but never notice. I guess she's used to it. I suppose that I should be, too, but it still gets me.

The housekeeper, Suzette, hands my mom her coffee, which, as usually, is plain black. Mom unfolds the paper in front of her and sips at her drink. I shuffle into a set on her left.

"Would you like anything, Miss Mia?" Suzette asks kindly.

"Could I get one of those cinnamon pastries and maybe a glass of milk? Thank you." I smile at her as she heads off to the kitchen.

Mom laughs quietly at something in the paper. I subtly lean over to catch the title. Bridge collapse; Zero Injured it reads in bold letters.

This is no doubt my own parents work. You see, my family are very refined SuperVillians, which means they aim to create havoc, not to kill anyone. They're not bad people, really, they just have a... different way of doing things.

"Here you are, Miss Mia." Suzette smiles brightly and sets my breakfast down in front of me.

"Thank you." I say gratefully. It smells great, even my mother can't deny that. I eat in silence while my mom continues to sip her coffee and scan the paper.

When I'm done she breaks the silence, which has settled over the room slowly, like a spider steadily weaving a web, destroying it simply by opening her mouth. "Miles should be back from Australia in a week, and Ruthy is arriving tomorrow." For once this morning, she cracks a smile. Talking about my older brother, who was out hatching spider eggs in central Australia, and my sister, who was in Brazil doing something of the like, made her exceedingly cheerful. Mom's really pretty when she's happy. She looks less severe and more elegant.

She flicks her eyes up to me. "Shouldn't you get ready for school?"

I jump up out of my chair. "Okay... see you later, Mom?" She doesn't respond.

It's not that my mom, or the rest of my family, hates me. It's just that, it's difficult for a family of SuperVillains to raise a SuperHero.


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