The Nectar

In a future world, steroids got out of hand. Trial and error led to the perfection of a serum that when injected, developed one of twenty five supernatural powers. It was invented by a scientist name Jacob Neckar, and it was named "The Nectar".
Some believed it to be remarkable, earned, and right.
But others thought it was wrong.
A war between the Naturals (People without powers) and the Control (Those injected with The Nectar) has been ongoing for as long as anyone alive can remember.

Chapter 1

Day One: Faena

The heavy metal doors open, letting the hot summer air leak into to room and seep into my pores. It's a younger soldier named Vane, carrying his gun and a backpack.
"Faena." He nods his head and sits in the chair next to me, tossing the backpack to the floor.
The doors shut, a heavy thud followed by a melody of clicks and clanks as the automatic locks secure. The temperature in the General's office readjusts to nearly freezing, but we don't mind. We welcome a break from the 103 degree weather outside.
A soft ding lets us know that the elevator in the corner has arrived to our floor. We stand as the doors open and General Hodge steps out.
"Please, sit." Vane drops himself into the chair, but I remain standing until he crosses the room and sits behind his desk. He rolls his eyes in a way that makes Vane smile but I'm not feeling very humorous.
"General," I begin, but I am cut off with a wave of his hand.
"Faena, I know what you're going to say."
"I can do this by myself! I don't need-"
"Faena, please." General Hodge folds his hands and looks into my eyes. "I know what you're capable of, I don't underestimate you. Vane needs to complete one last mission before he can earn his title as a Special Ops Soldier. He has asked to join you on this one, and I thought it would be perfect."
I glanced at Vane. "But HIM crossing the border!?"
"You've done it before." he acts like this changes something.
"Yes! I have. Many times! I know how to get in and out unnoticed but how is this amateur supposed to make it?" I looked to Vane. "No offense." He shrugs.
General Hodge sighs. "Faena, I'm not going to change my mind."
I sigh, bowing my head in surrender.
Vane leans forward. "So. . . what are we doing?"
"He doesn't even know the plan?!" I flail my arms and stand.
"I was hoping you could brief him, surely you're not suddenly incapable of such a task. " General Hodge stands as well, nods, and starts walking towards the elevator.
I glare at Vane and sit back down.
"Vane, look. I know you're the best in your group but I really don't think-"
He interrupts. "Fae," My face twists, I hate when people call me that. "I know you don't think I'm good enough but that's why I need to go, so I can get better. I need more experience!
"This isn't some supply run kid!"
"Then why don't you tell me exactly what it is?"
I know I wont be able to convince him to stay. Now I'll have to work twice as hard to keep us both alive, and keep my secret safe.
"We're going to kill an Elder." I lean back in my chair, waiting for a reaction.
This is not what I was expecting. "Do you know what that means?"
"Yep. We're going to kill an old guy right?"
"Not just any 'old guy'. He's 47 years old, and the oldest man alive."
Vane looks oddly excited. "But why?"
"Because if he dies, then Controls stop running their immortal campaign. We've lost so many of our people to their lies this month alone, crossing the boarder defenseless so that they can hope to live past their 20's. But you know what awaits them? They're killed on the spot or dragged into cells where their tortured for information they couldn't know if they spent a lifetime working their way through these ranks. Because they only people who know that information are people like me."
Vane looks more excited now, but also more nervous. "So what if you're captured?"
"I wont get captured."
"How do you know?"
"Because I've crossed that border hundreds of times, I've slept in the beds of our enemies, eaten in their restaurants, mingled with their people as I slip something into their drink and not a single one of them has been suspicious. Controls recent reports claim that no natural solider has been inside of their walls for 11 months and I took a walk in the duck park on Tuesday."
Vane looked curious. "How? What kind of mission requires a stroll in the duck park?"
Again, he doesn't seem intimidated.
"I has hiding out, it doesn't matter." I wave the topic away with my hand.
"So. . ." he bites his lip. "When do we leave?"
"Tonight." I reply. For the first time his smile slips away.


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