Advice needed (Touchy subject ahead be warned)

Chapter 1


No I'm not writing for attention I need advice.

Okay, so these past few weeks I have been on the Internet IMMENSELY, and have been noticing some scary habits starting to re-form, considering that among these times when I am on the internet I am perusing through some triggering, and emotional images. Out of re-occurring habit, like I say it's a habit. I do it, and then I spend hours not thinking and just looking.

About a few years previous I was diagnosed with Anorexia and severe anxiety and I fear it's coming back due to some triggering events that have occurred in the past couple days. Family issues to say the least.

Those who have not struggled won't understand how incredibly hard these habits are to break.

I'm scared to tell my parents that I fear of relapse, considering they are well... unstable as well.

So, what I'm wondering is how do you guys break habits?

My habits are, as per usual. Weighing myself twice a day, pushing away any food that I don't feel like eating, which is most, and exercising greatly if I do eat.

I've been down this road and I'm too frightened to go back again, please please please help.

Any advice, or guidance would be much appreciated.

Again this is NOT for attention. I literally am seeking help and advice.


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