Potion Of Love (A Black Butler Fanfic)

By: Myself and mikuhatsun

Enjoy and comment! :)

Note: People who are under 13 may not want to read this.

Chapter 1


by: Pierced_
My Character:

Penelope Grace Chesshire
Full Title: Lady Chesshire of Cambridge
Age: 17
Crush: Alois Trancy
Appearance: Penelope is four inches shorter than Alois and three inches shorter than Ciel. She has waist length, curly, light blonde hair and dark green eyes with a slender figure and light skin. Usually, she wears light colored dresses with the same color shoes, flats with straps attached. She carries a sharp dagger (in a sheath) in the sleeve of her dress and wears blushers in her hair.
Butler/Maid: Mason Christopher
Extra: Penelope has two more staff, a maid named Danielle Alexander and a cook named Cole Houston. She has no pets. Her demon mark is a medium size on the left side of her neck. People describe her as a kind and gentle person, who believes everyone deserves a second chance.

mikuhatsun's Character:

Megan Ravenchild
Full Title: Lady Ravenchild of Cambridge
Age: 17
Crush: Ciel Phantomhive
Appearance: Megan is a head shorter than Ciel, with raven-black hair, pale skin and ivory skin. She wears black dresses that are easy to run in with black combat boots and knife sheaths. She is described as a porcelain doll because of her small height.
Butler/Maid: Marissa Everdeen
Extra: Megan has two more staff; a gardener whose name is Jessamine Lovelace and a cook named; Natalia Meinsworth. She also has a demon cat for a pet, her name is: Kurosakura.
Demon Mark: She has a huge demon mark on her back.

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