Alpha High

You think having "Super powers" would be fun? You think it would make life easier?

Well you'd be wrong.

Chapter 1

Student files: Omega Squad

by: cjcj
Student Name:Cameron (Cam) Shapiro
Student description: Tall, skinny, light skin, red hair, brown eyes
Student personality: Normally smart, outgoing, brave, leader-type. But he gets shaken up when he uses his power
Ability: Can change his molecular density, ether becoming a gas or harder than rock
Drawback: Has trouble staying normal, has to constantly work to not become a gas, or become to heavy.

Student Name: Kat Jennings
Gender: Female
Student description: Straight very dark brown hair, fair skin, green eyes, a little tall.
Student personality: she's very forceful and has a bit of a temper. she's very brave and though she can push people away she's still a good friend when it comes down to it.
Ability: she can control, manipulate and create fire
Drawback: when her temper gets out of control (which is often) she makes fire without meaning to and she all together can lose control.

Student Name: Matthew Issacs Marshall
Gender: Male
Student description: striking blonde hair that's short and wavy, faded blue grey eyes, 5'10, average weight for his height, not overly muscular but fit, a smirk or grin is always plastered on his face, faint freckles splattered across his nose.
Student personality: Funny, Sarcastic, Bold, Reckless, Stubborn, Argumentative, Protective, Hot Headed, Loyal, and Witty
Ability: Shape shifting
Drawback:When his emotions are too strong, he often changes shape at random and has troubles turning back into his normal state. Also when his mind is not focused and clouded with thoughts and then tries to use his powers, he often turns into something that he wasn't planning on going for.

Student Name: Janna Lick
Gender: Female
Student description: Red hair, dark green eyes, 5'4
Student personality: Lovable, harsh, protective, Funny
Ability: Can control plants
Drawback: With the power she skin turns green all the time, but when she sad she make plants and other things die. Mind can be unstable at times

Student Name: Xavier Erikson
Gender: Male
Student description: Messy Brown hair and matching brown eyes hidden behind rectangular frames. He has a crooked smile and is average height. Naturally skinny
Student personality: Smart and resourceful, but shy and scared of new things. He usually only talks to those who talk to him.
Ability: Telekinesis. Also known as moving objects with his mind.
Drawback: When he thinks hard about something, his power is automatic and destructive.

Student Name: Erin Talbott
Gender: Female
Student description: Black, wavy hair, light brown eyes. Short, average weigh
Student personality: quiet, independent, a bit socially awkward. But a good listener and loyal to anyone willing to be her friend.
Ability: Can turn self invisible and can turn others invisible.
Drawback: Emotions can interfere with whether or not she can turn invisible, sometimes when she's nervous she can only turn half-invisible.

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