Please read and join? :D (Chapter two)

Chapter two.
If your on Google+, join my community caled Music in the dark.
If you dont, please read chapter two? :D

Chapter 1

Ok so..

by: Nikolia
Hello all, Raven here.
Recently, during boredom in school and at home. I have been exploring "Google+". And i have joined a few community's and what not.

So, i want to create my own communtiy for music and everything else. But, i cant always be on, and well, i want post's with different taste's in music and opinions.

You know the pages on facebook how they have the inital page, then admins that post pictures, status's, links etc? Just like that except with a communtiy on Google+.

Most of you know my personality and music taste.
You dont have to have a personaluty or taste in music like me, just be willing to be an Admin on my page.

Also, i will be making other communites on the same account that include, anime and different taste's in things.

Im looking for about 5 to start out with.

Is anyone interested?



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