The True Story on how Voldemort Became Deformed -- A Short Fanfic

My sister and I were just talking about theories on Voldemort turning deformed. This is obviously not a true story. Yes, I know it was because of the hocruxes, dark magic, and immortality, but let's tell it in a more humorous way. ^^

Chapter 1


by: lkblack3
There once was a boy named Tom Riddle. He was at this time graduated from Hogwarts. Day after day he thought about a dark magic called Horcruxes.

He wanted to get the closest to immortality any wizard has ever dared to reach.

~ ~ ~

It was a hot summer day in England on the day Tom Riddle started to deformed. His mind was so caught up with Horcruxes that he forgot to apply sunblock or a charm that might protect his skin temporarily. He also hated his muggle father, so he didn't care for his looks because he looked exactly like him.

He went on like this for days, which turned to weeks, to months. Horcruxes left his mind when he realized he had skin cancer. Tom didn't want to waste time on such a stupid thing. Already a few wizards were suspicious of him.... He had to act fast.

In order to succeed with his plans, he had to resort to going into a muggle hospital. There, they gave him some medication. Most of his skin was rotting off his nose. This was getting serious!

He couldn't stand all of this nonsense with noses. He hastily cut if off, stabbing two holes for nostrils violently. He managed to stop the bleeding with a spell.

~ ~ ~

It has been a few months. The cancer continued to spread, rotting away at his flesh. He soon turned a pale white. Tom's hair was falling off due to the muggle medication.

~ ~ ~

The cancer was finally healed, but the impression on his body was lasting. He split his soul into seven parts, worsening his looks. He was now addressed as Voldemort, the darkest wizard the Wizarding World has ever seen.

From this day, Voldemort hated Dumbledore because he had an immense amount of hair...and a nose.

~ ~ ~

The End~


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