Flames of the Fallen -A Group Story-

Chapter 1


"Mika? Are you in there?" Yells my father.
"Yes Father!" I yell back. I get up and walk towards the door.
"Mika..beautiful as always." He says,eyes shining.
"Why did you come here for Father?" I ask.
"Oh yes, two things. One I have bad news and two you have a visitor." He replies.
"A visitor? Who is it?" I ask but be doesn't reply. Just smiles. And with one word he left. "Come." Is all he said. So I followed. Half way down the corridor I saw a painting of my mother. She died when I was four. I'm 16 now so I don't have any memory of her except for the things my Father told me.
"Mother...wish me luck with bad news." I whisper then leave. When I walk into the entrance way I see who it is. I smile and run towards her.

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