Zayn's BFF

Zayn's BFF

Anne's the name. If your wondering the rumors are true Zayn is my BFF. So it's normal when I go to London to see him, but that's pretty much the only thing that's normal about my trip. Well thier famous I guess it was normal for them. :)

Chapter 1


by: _rain_
Today is the day I finally get to see Zayn again. I can't wait, I'm so excited. I take out my phone and text Zayn telling him were about to land then I turn off my phone before we start landing.

The plane just landed and I'm so excited I skip off the plane like a little kid, laughing about anything and everything.

"Zayn" I yell and run over to him jumping in his arms. "Anne" he laughs almost dropping me, obviously not prepared to have caught. "Yay" now carry me to your car" I demand. "Umm what about your stuff" he says. "Can you carry that too" i ask almost joking. "Your so lazy" he says laughing at me. Then he turns around "Anne, these are the boys" he says gesturing towards four other boys. "Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall" he says.
I look at him funny "bro their famous I know their names" I say obviously. Then I turn to the boys "well anyway the names Anne". "Ok let's go" I say, and the rest of the boys grab my stuff (yes I have that many bags.) while Zayn complains about me being too heavy and passes me down to Louis.

We finally get to the car and Niall drives us to their flat.

"I'm going to get lost in here" I say looking around the house. They all laugh at me and I mumble "I wasn't joking" and then I say a little louder "don't laugh at me" in a sad voice and give them sad puppy dog eyes.

"This will be your room" they say pulling me upstairs and into a room. They all sigh in relief as they drop my many bags on the floor. "Hey they weren't that heavy" I say. "Yes, they were" they all say at the same time. Which is a little creepy.

I run down the stairs at full speed only to trip over some idiots shoes. Who leaves shoes on the stairs. Ok I do all the time but still. "Alright who's shoes are these" I asked. The boys were laughing so hard they couldn't even answer. Finally through laughs Zayn managed to say they were his.

I threw the shoe at him really hard, and walked into the kitchen. A few seconds later I walked out with soda. Seeing Zayn bent over in pain with the boys all around him asking if he's ok. I couldn't help but laugh a little, my silent laugh didn't come out so silently so all the boys looked over at me laughing. "Get her" Zayn yelled. Ahhhh! I screamed as all the boys came running down the stairs. I ran the other way and up the stairs running into my room locking my door. "Hi" Louis said calmly. Making me scream and jump a little. "Got you" he said scooping me into his arms and going back down stairs.

"Stop" I yelled through giggles. "Never" said Zayn. "Why not" I shrieked. "Because you hit me with a shoe if you didn't do that I wouldn't have to tickle you" he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. It took all four of the other guys to hold me down. "This is child abuse" I screamed. "Your not a child your older than Harry" said Louis. "Oh, well, its still mean" I said. "Fine" said Zayn and he threw me in the couch. The boys were laughing hysterically at me well I recovered from being tickled. Finally I stopped laughing and yelled lets watch a movie.

"Toy sto- "no" everyone yelled interrupting Liam. "How about a scary movie" yelled me and Zayn at the same time. "Fine" they agreed and they picked some random one which was quite boring considering I fell asleep, and I love scary movies. Apparently not everyone thought it was boring considering Liam hid behind a cushion and Louis and harry were hugging the whole time. Niall left before anything happend to get food, he claims I think he just doesn't like scary movies. Then again I fell a asleep so for all I know he could have come back with food.

"Anne, Anne, wake up" someone said shaking me gently. "What do you want" I groaned rolling over. Eventually I opened my eyes seeing all the boys sitting on my bed. Wait what I thought I fell asleep on the couch. "how did I get to my bed" I asked groggily. "We carried you upstairs after the movie" they said. I then realized it was two in the morning. "Why did you wake me up, it better be a good reason like the house being on fire or something" I say. "Umm well it's a good reason, we, umm... we want you to play truth or dare with us" they say.

"What" I shrieked "are you serious". "Yea, Zayn said you were good at coming up with dares". "Fine I'll play" I sighed, I mean I'm already up why not? Then we walked downstairs to the living room.

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