Zayn's BFF

Zayn's BFF

Anne's the name. If your wondering the rumors are true Zayn is my BFF. So it's normal when I go to London to see him, but that's pretty much the only thing that's normal about my trip. Well thier famous I guess it was normal for them. :)

Chapter 11

I am freaking dauntless

by: _rain_
"Harrriiieee" I groaned resting my head on his shoulder. "Hey! No, touching the driver!" He exclaimed swatting my head away. I pouted. "Just tell me where were going then. Please?"

"No, your annoying. Go to sleep." I huffed and turned to look out the window.

"Are you sleeping?" He asked after a couple minutes of silence, poking my cheek. "NO! I am a rebel!" I yelled sticking my tongue out at him. "It's alive." he muttered.

Today Hazza was taking me to a mystery location and the jerk won't tell me where. Sadness. I am leaving in a couple days and I will miss his curly head. That sounds kinda weird...

We got back from camping a few days ago and everything has been strangely drama free, and here I was convinced the boys caused complete chaos all the time. Wowza.

"Seriously, where are we going? Tea with the Queen? Larry's pig farm? Abnegation headquarters? Because I am freaking dauntless."

"Anne, Love your rambling."

"oh, uh right. Sorry."


Half an hour later we finally stopped the car. The suspense was killing me. Actually no. The suspense did kill me. I am dead. I am going to haunt you Harry.

"Annie? Your spacing out a bunch today."

"Sorry, Can't stop thinking about Theo James. Watched Divergent again."


"Don't judge me!" He rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand leading me away. A pleasant feeling spread through me and I smiled a real smile without even thinking about it. It's been a while. "close your eyes." He whispered in my ear sending tingles down my spine. I complied and squeezed them shut tightly.

"Open them." He said after a few minutes. I slowly opened my eyes peering through my lashes.

A gasp of shock left my lips as I stared at the sight before me.
I am back! It's been a while. Wowza! woohoo school is almost out! Comment! or not... okie ^.^ bye bye. Cheese toasties!

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