Zayn's BFF

Zayn's BFF

Anne's the name. If your wondering the rumors are true Zayn is my BFF. So it's normal when I go to London to see him, but that's pretty much the only thing that's normal about my trip. Well thier famous I guess it was normal for them. :)

Chapter 2

Kitty memories

by: _rain_
"What?" I erupted into giggles. That was the worst dare ever! Hah I said as I calmed down and watched Zayn get up to go do the dare.

"So Anne, how did you and Zayn meet" Harry asked as soon as Zayn left. "Why would I tell you" I said honestly."Because I asked" Harry responded, obviously confused as to why I won't tell him. "That's not a very good reason" I smiled. "Well c'mon, now we want to know" said Liam. "Yea, please tell us" they begged. "Nope" I said popping the "p".

"What won't you tell them" Zayn said looking confused as he walked in the room. "She won't tell us how you guys met" said Niall who had a mouthful of chips so it sounded more like he said shewantellsowyougiysmet but I could tell Zayn understood because if his facial expression.

"So Zayn will you tell is how you two met" they said. "No" he said looking at me. "They"ll have to tell us sooner or later so for now lets play would you rather" said Liam seeing that we were weren't going to tell them now.

"Yea" we all agreed.

So Anne would you rather have 20 cats or 20 dogs asked Louis. "Cats" I answered immediately. "Thier my favorite animal I'm definitely a cat person" I say thinking about my "one love" my cat Kitty back home ... Zayn helped name it don't ask (I got him when I was 5)

"Liam, Would you rather use a spoon for every meal for a day or marry someone who's afraid of forks?" I say after some thought. "I don't know" Liam said softly "I guess, spoons for every meal for a day" he said I could tell it had took him some thought before he answered and he didn't like the idea of using spoons.

"Hey, look we have officially pulled an all-nighter" I said looking at the clock it's 6:00 that's what I call an all-nighter. "But you slept from 11:30 p.m til 2:00 a.m" pointed out Niall. "Well nobody needs to that" I said back sassily. Niall shrugged and nobody else argued with me after that.

"So what are you guys doing today" I asked. "We have an interview at 1:00" said Zayn. "Oh, ok I guess I'll come down at 1:15 after I pick up my rental car for the next two weeks. Where's the interview at" I asked "it's just in town on clock st. It's the biggest building on the st. you'll be able to see it as soon as you go down the street". "Ok, I'm going to go up to bed now and see if I can sleep a little, good n.. Morning actually" I said as I started up the stairs to my room.

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if I do
It's you
Oh, it's you they add up to
I'm in love with you
And all these little things

You can't go to bed without a cup of tea
And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep
Though it makes no sense to me

I know you've never loved
The sound of your voice on tape- I hear someone sing softly too me. Slowly I open my eyes to Zayn next to the bed singing little things shaking me gently anne wake up he whispers not aware that im fully awake and just listening to his beautiful voice. Finally he finishes the song and I open my eyes and ask what time it is "12:15" he says softly. "Alright" I whisper as get out of bed and follow Zayn downstairs for breakfast.

Crap! I forgot there's four other boys here I don't care if Zayn sees what I look like he's seen what I look like in the morning before. But I don't want other people to see me I look gross when I first wake up, but then i see its waffles for breakfast, my favorite and I forget. I can see them sitting on the table waiting for me. I'm suddenly happy I got up. I love waffles. my happiness fades and i watch as Niall walks out of the kitchen and sits in front of the huge plate of waffles and starts to eat them.

Zayn must have seen the look on my face cause he starts laughing and tells me that there's more waffles.

I go in the kitchen and Harry hands me a plate of waffles that he made this morning. On my waffles I put raspberries and whipped cream.

I sit across from Niall and start to eat my waffles. These are some of the best waffles I've ever had I'm so focused on my waffles I don't even hear Louis walk in the room until he says "well look who Finally woke up". "Good morning Tomlinson" I said particularly cheery. "Morning Anne" he said failing to do an American accent making me laugh. I guess I laugh alot.

After I finish my waffles I head upstairs and brush my teeth. Then I change into a black lace dress and tights next I do my hair and makeup. By the time I'm finished the boys have left and its time for me to pick up my rental car.

So I call a taxi and put my black heels on while I wait when the taxi arrives I give directions and soon enough I'm there I pick out my car and pay for the rental.

Where did Zayn say the interview was again? I thought to my self. I pick up my phone and look at my reminders it's on clock street. Before I leave to go to the interview I look at my home screen a picture of my cat. Poor kitty has to stay at the vets while I'm gone. I wish I could have brought him.

Finding clock st. Was easier than I thought and Zayn was right it easy to find which building it was cause it was so big.

click clop

The sound of my high heels filled the lobby as I walked to the room I was told the boys were in.

I finally found it and walked in and sat down. I saw that what I was wearing was probably too fancy but oh well.

The interview was going well when I got a call from the vets. I immediately knew what had happened. The vets don't call me. "I need to take this" I said and slipped out of the room. "Hello" I almost whispered. "Hello, is this Anne" the lady on the other end of the phone said sweetly. "Yes" I answered. "Anne we are very sorry to inform you that while you have been gone your cat has unexpectedly died of old age" "thank you for letting me know" I said in a rush and ended the call without saying goodbye. I stood in the lobby for minute and let it sink in. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I ran out the building to my car.

I drove to the boys flat as fast as I could, leaving behind the boys and the big building.

I race up the stairs to my room and lay on the bed. I turn on the tv and get some of my favorite cookies, macaroons. That's what I do when I'm upset I lay down and drown my sorrows in cookies and worthless tv, but it seems to help.

I stay like that for almost an hour when the door opens a crack and Zayn comes in and lays next to me on the bed. "What happened" he asks quietly. "The vets called" I answer letting him figure out the rest. "Oh was it about our kitty" he asks clueless. "First of all you are soo dumb, second of all of course why else would they call, and third of all it was never our kitty, it was mine you have truly never gotten that" I look at his face and watch it all sink in.

(Ok so maybe it was his kitty a lil bit)

"Hey Zayn come over here"
"Come here"
"But I'm fixing my hair"
"Zayn put the mirror down and come here its important"
"Alright fine! Your so bossy"
"Look" I pointed to a small gray cat
"Woah" he whispered
"Yeah, I want to keep it"
"I could help you brush it's hair"
"Umm, no it's mine. I think your going to be a hair stylist when you get older like way older like when your 20" I said with big eyes.
"It's not yours you just found it and to prove its part mine I'm going to name it kitty. And no I'm not going to be a hair stylist when I get old, I'm going to he a singer, and I only like styling my hair.
"Let's go back to your house and take kitty to the vets soo we can keep it"
"So I can keep it" I correct him and we walk away from the street alley and past the town, up the hill to my house.

"Hey mom, I found a cat" I yelled
"Cool" she says and goes back to what she's doing.
Annoyed by how my moms ignoring me I pick up the cat and shove it in her face "see" I exclaim proudly
Her eyes get huge with disbelief "you brought it home"
"Yep! I named it kitty"
"Oi! I picked out the name" said Zayn excited now that I picked his name idea.
"Oh we should take to the vets and see if it belongs to someone" my mom says
"I feel disappointed at the thought that I might not get to keep it"

In a few hours I had a kitty and it was mine to keep

end of flashback

"Your thinking about the time we found it when we were like five aren't you?" he asked
"I'm thinking about the time you made me come shopping for cat clothes! Kitty was a guy! Your so weird"
I laughed a little at that its true I'm very weird. "Well I think he was very cute in those clothes" I said defending myself
"Hey remember the time our family's went to Hawaii together and we "secretly packed" kitty" I said laughing.
"Animal abuse, right there! Yea of course I remember your mom was so mad at us. On the way back she had to find a special way to get kitty home".

"Yea" I laughed

And we sat in silence for awhile and I was feeling nice so I gave Zayn one cookie.
"Zayn not two, one. only one. Don't be greedy"
"What, me greedy you have the whole box and I'm greedy if I have two"
"Yep" i agreed.
"I see how it is"
"I'm glad. Congrats"
"Anne" he whined "please"
"No I have already been so generous I have you one, now don't be a pig and ask for two. That's just wrong think of all the poor people who didn't get any at all" I exclaimed
"Anne, please" he said giving me puppy dog eyes! Alright time to confuse him into forgetting... I'm so evil

"What if I gave you one"
"You did give me one i want two"
"Exactly, but what if"
"Then I'd have one"
"But what if I gave you one then you had one so I gave you three but u still had one because three is one so basically I have been very generous and I have given you three in the form if one" I said really fast smirking.
"What, your so confusing" he said trying to follow that.
"Just give up now your never going to get it" I say proud of how well I confused him. I bet he doesn't even remember that we were talking about the cookies.

"Zayn" I whisper a few minutes later
"Yea" he whispers back
"For what"
"Cheering me up"
"That's what friends are for" he says
"Your such a cheesy loser" I laugh

"Zayn" I whisper again
"Yea" he says looking up
"I'm still sad" I complain
"We'll duh" he says
"Let's go do something to get my mind off of it" I say checking the time it's 2:45 so we have some time.
"Alright he agrees" and we race down the stairs

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