Zayn's BFF

Zayn's BFF

Anne's the name. If your wondering the rumors are true Zayn is my BFF. So it's normal when I go to London to see him, but that's pretty much the only thing that's normal about my trip. Well thier famous I guess it was normal for them. :)

Chapter 3

Stop it! No you stop it! It's not me it's you!

by: _rain_
Wait we both say at the same time and turn around. "Five minutes" I ask? Zayn nods and We run back up to our rooms I set a five minute timer and change into a comfy sweater and some jeans along with some new blue converse. Then I freshened my makeup a bit, I threw my hair in a ponytail grabbed twenty bucks stuffed it in my pocket and grabbed my phone and I was ready in exactly four minutes and twenty seconds. I run down the stairs and wait for Zayn.

What's taking him so long? Probably doing his hair. I walk up the stairs and into Zayn's room "hurry up" I said and grabbed the comb he was using to fix his hair. "Turn" I commanded and as he did I ran the comb through and up. "Perfect, now come on Elvis lets go"
"What" he laughs
"Elvis, really that was so original" he says rolling his eyes. "Can we get milkshakes" I said as soon as we got outside.

"Sure" he answers leading the way
He takes me to a little shop and he orders a chocolate milkshake and I get mint-chip.
Then we walk to a park and sit down on a bench.

"Tomorrow we should go shopping" I suggest happily sipping my milkshake. "Yea" Zayn said quickly. "So when do I get to meet your girlfriend" I ask excitedly.
"If I'm lucky never, but I'm not lucky so tomorrow"
"What why don't you want me to meet her"
"Remember the last girlfriend i had that you met?... Plus you embarrass me, and your a mixer"
"Hey you cant really be mad if you had still been dating her you wouldn't be dating perrie. And I do not embarrass you! ... And if I do it's something they need to know, ok, get over it that was a one time thing. And well the last ones true" I said and shrugged. I have to say I probably loved the two bands the same and that's saying something considering my best friends in one.

"We'll maybe she can come shopping with us and I want to meet Eleanor too."

"We should probably go back home now" I said checking the time on my phone and getting up at the same time.



... "Zayn I think I need a new phone" I said
"How did you manage to do that" he says laughing hysterically
"Don't laugh at me, I'm just a lonely person with no phone" I said pouting.
"All right lets go buy a new phone for you"
"I don't have my money with me" I said now somewhat upset.
"Don't worry about it" he said and picked up the remainders of my now cracked phone.
"Now I'm sad again" I say making a sad face.
"Shh... It's better when you don't speak" he says and puts his arm around my shoulder.

Then I hear my ringtone for Zayn go off "really I don't even know how to answer that" I say laughing at him trying to text me.

"Can I have a piggyback ride"
"Alright fine"
"Wait never mind were here"
"You did that on purpose didn't you"
Zayn's P.o.v.

"What about this one" says Anne trying to pick out a phone case. I turn to look and see her holding up a reflecting "mirror" case. I laugh as she knows mirrors are my thing she doesn't like mirrors she claims because she apparently doesn't like to see herself but doesn't everyone like too see how they look? Anne's insecure but she's gorgeous. And I want her to find the perfect boy. I haven't told anyone but I wrote "that's what makes you beautiful" for her.

Half an hour later we finally can leave the store. Yea I know it took her that long to pick out what she wanted.

Tomorrow were going shopping with Perrie and then going back to the flat for dinner with the boys and Eleanor.

"Zayn stop spacing out" Anne shouts as shes yanks my arm so I just barely miss walking into the tree.
"What were you thinking about"
"Oh, exited much?" She laughs rolling her eyes.
"No nervous that your going to embarrass me"
"We'll don't be nervous"
"Yay! You mean you won't embarrass me"
"No, of course I will its my job" ... Great.

Louis p.o.v.


"Yay! Some fun people are home" I shout as soon as Zayn and Anne were inside.

"Hey" Harry yells from in his bedroom.

"Sorry. I forgot you were home, wait that's what I mean by boring" I yell back.

"Come" I say dragging Zayn and Anne into the "office" and turning on the computer.
I type in one direction video diaries. "These again seriously" Zayn complains.
"Shut up zayn, I want to see them Louis" Anne says pressing play.

"I still remember that day like it was only three years ago" I say dramatically.
"It was three years Louis" says Zayn.
"I know that was my point." I roll my eyes.

Anne bursts out laughing.
"What" me and Zayn say together.
"Vas happening, really? Zayn I thought you were over that" she gasps between laughs.
"It's fun to say ok" Zayn defends himself smiling sheepishly.

"I am clearly missing something here" I'm kinda confused now what are they talking about.
"Back in seventh grade, Zayn used to say that every day Whenever he saw me cause he knew how much it annoyed me". Anne laughs
"Zayn can you go get me some carrots"
"No those are mine" I screech
"No their mine" she yells back
"All the carrots are mine because carrots are the best food ever" we yell at the same time.
That was weird.
"Mine" we yell at the same time again.
"No mine"
"Zayn help"
Still at the same time.
"Alright, umm Anne carrots are his favorite food too and because you also like waffles the carrots are Louis's" Zayn said.
"No, carrots are way better than waffles" she screams
"The carrots are mine" we scream at the same time again.
"Shut up"
"No, you shut up"
"Both of you shut up your so annoying, just share the carrots" yelled Liam from upstairs.
"How about, NO" we yell back.
"Alright you speak first"
It's silent for a minute
"I thought you were speaking first"
"I thought you were speaking first"
"Guys stop speaking at the same time" Zayn shouts
"No just get me some carrots"
"This is kinda creepy now"
Then we burst out laughing.
"What" asks Zayn who's back with carrots.
"Nothing it was just funny how we were speaking at the same time"
"We're still doing it" we shriek
"Are you hacking into my brain or something"
"Stop it"
"No you stop"
"It's not me it's you"
"Both of you stop" Harry yells this time.

"I have a solution" Zayn yells
"Say something completely random at the same time then you'll say two different things."
"On 3, 1,2,3" zayn yells
"Red" we both yell
"Try again" Zayn sighs
Why isn't this working? well whatever, it's kinda cool.
"You guys are weird" Zayn laughs and heads up stairs.
We grab the bag of carrots and press play again.
"Wow" we say.
"Wan't to watch some Telly" we ask and we both nod.

"Hey Niall" we wave as we walk to the tv and sit next to him on the couch.
"Can I have the remote" we ask
We glare at each other for a second
"Me" we both argue
"Alright fine you can have it" we say together.
"Why are talking at the same time" asks Niall
"Because we can" we answer.
"Wan't to make us some tea" we ask Niall grinning
"No, not really" he says rolling his eyes
"Wan't to get us some chips" we say trying again.
He ignores us this time and gives us the remote.
"Yay, we have the remote now" we cheer.
"Niall, what show do you hate?"
"Why would I tell you?"
"Ok then I'm going to guess Barney"
"No, I hate Elmo"
"Really?" We ask laughing
His face turns slightly red when he realizes he just told us.
"I hate you two" he pouts
"Don't lie to yourself Niall, it's bad for you." We say acting like therapists before we crack up again.

The thing about me and Anne is we laugh a lot and are personalities are so different but close I don't know but I feel like she gets me, like a best friend would.

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