PEEPZ! Please Friend Her?!? PLEASE!!

PEEPZ! Please Friend Her?!? PLEASE!!

Well, just read my story please.....

Chapter 1

Please friend Fire_Wolf

Well, there's is this COOL GIRL (i don't really know her that well but still) that I would like MOST of you guys to friend!


-is 18
-is Female (obviously)
-lives in Seeking Inspiration, FL, US
-has been a member of the Quibblo community since 23 days ago
-likes Greek God and Goddess Quizzes, Harry Potter Quizzes, Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Quizzes, The Hunger Games Quizzes & Would You Rather... Quizzes

Her About Me:
I went from Winter Mist to Fire Wolf, which is much more appropriate. My temper is very much like fire, it is easily set off and when it is it will burn until it consumes everything. I am stubborn. I am serious in many matters, but I love having fun. My imagination runs free like the wolf and my passion for writing burns like an uncontainable but gentle flame, warming me from the inside out.

Let's just say she is a really UNIQUE person that you just can't refuse to friend!!!

Luv ya all :P


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