Deadly Storm (An Original Horror Story)

6 teenagers (18+) were headed for an adventure, they were disrupted by a storm and forced to take shelter with a family. Little did they know the welcoming arms of a small family would be the death of them.


You can choose their fate!
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Chapter 1

Hell Begins

"Hey, Ali watch this!" Daniel yelled over the breeze of wind that blew through the open windows. He tucked his body through the window and left his legs to secure himself while Levi drove down the bumpy unpaved road.

"You're being ridiculous, get in here!" Ali tossed her darkly tainted blonde hair back and laughed along with the other girls. Daniel returned with a cheesy grin across his face and windblown hair.

"What? It's called enjoying Summer Al. Learn it, live it, love it." Daniel sat back down and teased Ali. She rolled her ocean blue eyes in annoyance. She knew what fun was, it's just everyone made her nervous. Especially this batch of friends.

"What was that?" Lauren asked, worry spread across her face.

"Just some thunder, it's fine." Levi said, right then a large crack of lightening struck down. Each of the girls let out a small scream. This wasn't the Summer fun they hoped on having.

"That is not fine!" Lauren yelled, her yells drowned out by the sudden downpour of rain.

"It's just a little bit of weather, it'll blow past us." Levi reasoned, green eyes on the abandoned road ahead.

"Turn on the radio at least please." Grace begged, her hands nervously fumbling with her shirt.

Levi took his one hand of the steering wheel and turned the dial several times.

"There." He muttered placing his large hand back on the steering wheel.

The wind whistled through the cracks of the faulty truck. The truck would dangerously sway when a gust of wind blew.

"Man, we need to get out of here." Noah said, blue eyes staring at the frightening funnel cloud ahead.

"There's a house, look over there!" Grace pointed a small dainty finger, her freckled face filled with relief.

"Fine, just until the storm blows over. Then we're back on the road." Levi sighed, not wanting to stop. Turning the wheel he drove up the long driveway that lead to a small shack.

"Who's knocking?" Ali asked, her hands gripping Noah's sweatshirt.

"I think we can continue driving." Lauren let out a nervous laugh.

"No, we're going. You made us stop." Levi replied angrily while getting out and slamming the truck door. Again the sky rumbled, and lightening lit up the sky.

Reluctantly the group gathered together and went to knock on the old wooden door.

"Why hello there kids." An old lady smiled, and answered the door before they could even step foot on the unpainted wooden porch.

"Yeah, hi, we were wondering if we could stay here till the storm passes." Levi said awkwardly, looking back at the others for assistance.

"Why, I'll ask my husband." She smiled sweetly and let the door swing shut.

"I don't think we should, it looks like it's clearing up." Ali muttered, her hands fluttered uneasily by her sides.

"He said sure, we're just preparing supper. Come on in kiddos." She smiled and walked each of us in.

"What is that smell?" Daniel whispered as quietly as possible.

"Oh, we had a rabbit and we think he got stuck somewhere in the house." An old man entered carrying a small cutting knife and wore a blood splattered apron.


"What was that?" Levi asked and turned to the noise.

"Oh, just locking it so it's harder for the wind to bust open." She giggled, excused herself quickly, and ran up the stairs.

"Don't mind her, she's just getting the boys." The man smiled, his teeth yellow and unkempt.

"Hey! Hey! Get off me." Levi yelled.

"Please, please stop!" Grace screamed as she was handcuffed and blindfolded.

"You got em' all boys?" The man asked.

"Yes sir." The three boys replied in unison.

"Oh no dearies, you missed one." The woman smiled again sweetly.

"Please." Ali whimpered, cowering in a corner.

"Zachary, son, take care of her." His son nodded, and approached her.

"Please, please don't." Ali cried. All Zachary had to do was remember his fathers voice, and then his decision was made. "It's them, or you buddy. Do what you have to do to survive."

"No!" Ali shook violently, trying to avoid being handcuffed like a criminal.

Finally, after a struggle, Zachary managed to slip the handcuffs over her small pale wrists and blindfold her with the rest of them.

He wished he could be sorry for her, show some kind of remorse, but it was him or them. It always would be, he was the only normal one among the family and he'd die if he showed it.


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