Once Upon A Time 30 day challenge

Found this in my favorites so I wanted to do it! :)

Chapter 1


Day 1: Your favorite male character?

Hook or Neal!

Day 2: Your favorite female character?

Belle. No second wasted making that answer.

Day 3: Your least favorite male character:

None honestly I like them all!

Day 4: Your least favorite female character:

Tamara! I wanted to KILL her after 'The Second Star To The Right'!

Day 5: Your favorite villian:


Day 6: Your favorite scene?

The library scene with Belle and Hook

Day 7: Your favorite ship?

I liked Captain Hook/Emma

Day 8: Your favorite friendship?

Snow White and Red :)

Day 9: Saddest moment?

When Bae goes through the portal but before then they say 'I love you'

Day 10: Funniest moment?

This scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYmgPQaH6aI or

Day 11: Your favorite badass scene?

When Belle hits Hook with a plank! Best scene EVER!

Day 12: Your favorite kiss?

I have none honestly.

Day 13: Do you want the Evil Queen to get her happy ending?

She deserves it because she tries to be good for Henry which makes me smile :)

Day 14: Your favorite OMFG moment? (Something you didn't expect)

When Belle got shot and she lost her memory.

Day 15: Which side are you on? Good or evil?

Good! :)

Day 16: Your favorite Once Upon A Time outift?

Belle's dresses

Day 17: Your favorite episode?

The Outsider, Belle's so bada
* in it and even though the ending made me extremely mad, I loved it.
OR the 2nd season finale when Belle gets her memory back, I was so happy!

Day 18: Your favorite actor?

Tie between Robert Carlyle (Rumpelstiltskin) He's actually Scottish, I watched an interview plus I love his Rumpelstiltskin laugh!
Or Colin O'Donoghue (Captain Hook) My offline friend and I think he's HOT!

Day 19: Your favorite actress?

Emilie de Ravin (Belle) She's Australian!! :D

Day 20: Your favorite quote?

"All you'll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup."
It's by background and it's such a heartbreaking quote which I'll always say before I break up with someone! XD

Day 21: Your favorite backstory?

Red's backstory with SPOILER her as the wolf.

Day 22: Something you want to know that hasn't been revealed yet?

What freaking side are you on Hook?

Day 23: Any prop you could take from the set?

Belle's dresses! They're gorgeous!

Day 24: If you could be anyone from Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest, who would it be?

Probably Snow White

Day 25: Your favorite character entrance?

Don't know what that means!

Day 26: A character you would like to see more of?

Belle of course

Day 27: Favorite location/set?

Rumplestiltskin's castle (It's so pretty and Belle usually hangs in there!)

Day 28: Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest?

Hard one! Probably Enchanted Forest cause I want to do magic! :D
Not evil though.

Day 29: Your favorite fairytale?

Peter Pan or Beauty And The Beast

_Day 30: What got you interested in Once Upon A Time?

Well, my Mom first watched it and then I watched some of it and I got hooked cause I'm a fairytale lover.


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