What my Name Means in the Urban Dictionary -- Repost

Chapter 1


by: lkblack3
1. Louise

Louise always attracts attention to herself even without trying. She is extremely intelligent but sometimes a little ditzy when she gets too excited, but always interesting and fun! Louise usually looks gorgeous and has a fantastic smile that lights Everyone up. She treats people fairly and truthfully even if they dont like it! Dont mess with her - she will never forget it! Louise is the greatest one man woman lover you will ever find and is always optimistic with life, and stubbornly determined to succeed like a warrior at whatever she attempts. Louise's are great people! Hug one and tell her so today!

That's kinda realistic. ^^

2. Louise


TT^TT (keeps saying inappropriate text.)

3. Louise

/An annoying, clingy person.
Sick of her.
Not many friends.
Weird in ways./

Gee, how nice. ._.


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