My Angel (a poem)

A little poem I cooked up just recently! This one goes out to XCybertronXHavenX, my big sister and best friend. Love you! <3

Chapter 1

My Angel

by: wingaboo
Before my angel found me, I was broken
Before my angel found me, I was afraid
Afraid to reach out
Afraid to seek hope
Afraid that if I try to stand
I'll fall apart all over again
Before my angel found me, I was ready to give up
Ready to pull the plug
Ready to shut down the lights

My angel found me on the floor
A bottle of whiskey in my hand
Hair in disarray, face ashen and dirty with the struggles I have faced
My eyes were tired and exhausted from all that I've seen
My eardrums shattered with the sounds of whispered gunshots
I was a pitiful sight, yes I was

But when I saw my angel, my eyes were opened
My ears could hear the melodic sound of her voice
The way she sang the words "I love you"
I could feel the loving embrace of her arms
The warmth that melted away the icy walls I have built up
She held me in her arms and wrapped her wings around me
Her golden halo brought light to my dark life

Under my angel's wings
I knew someone was looking after me
Protecting me, guiding me
In her arms, I began to cry
Not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy
The joy I haven't felt in so long
Under my angel's wings, I knew someone loved me

Now I stand on a hilltop and look at the sky
And when I look at that sky, I could see her smile
I could see her halo
And when I look down, I could feel her wings protectively around my shoulders
And I know that I never will be the girl I once was
Because I am safe
I am protected
I am loved
By my angel


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