My Rant Book

I'm not calling it "The Book of Rants" because I know about two other people who have already named it that and I feel like I would be copying. This probably will offend you, because I'm offensive like that so just read on at your own will.

Chapter 16

When people think a genre of a band is an opinion + a mix of other stuff.

If a band fits in to a certain style, uses influences from other styles, is very diverse in genre then it still has a genre and it is not an opinion.

For someone to be able to correctly identify the bands genre, they need to be knowledgeable about that genre. They need to research it to the point where they understand what makes up that genre, and there's usually a lot down because of the certain instruments commonly used (drums to synths to computer generated music to orchestras), keys and chords used and lyrical themes.

There is no "It's your opinion that Metallica are metal" because if you know what metal sounds like, and there's a very good chance you do, then it is a fact that they are metal.

What's what their particular guitar style, lyric style, overall style fit in to.

And I know bands can change genre, and that means they're now that. Bring Me The Horizon are a good example, even if they called themselves "Emo" then that's still different to saying you make emo music / being emo yourself to actually making emo music. Bring Me The Horizon used to be deathcore, progressed on to metalcore and then eventually metalcore with electronicore influences. (Compare "Pray for Plagues" to "Can You Feel My Heart?".

Also according to Wikipedia, That's The Spirit (their 2015 album) is categorised in "Alternative rock, pop rock, alternative metal, electronic rock and nu metal" where metalcore isn't even mentioned. There's no denying they've changed. But bands do, that's just part of their music careers. Bands "mature" and they grow out of styles. Especially more mainstream ones, if they sell out they'll make their music so the masses can enjoy it.

So why do people do this with emo?
I see a lot of people arguing about the meaning of it and honestly, they need to understand that emo standing for emotive hardcore isn't an opinion. It's a plain and simple fact, something you first come across when googling "Emo".

It's not an opinion that real Emo bands are Rites of Spring and Embrace. They practically invented the genre.
There's a difference between what you think it is and what it actually is. When you find out what it actually is, your "opinion" pretty much becomes invalid as it isn't something to be put in to discussion anyway. It's already a defined term. Same with the Gothic subculture, it isn't "whatever you make it out to be", it is very much defined. If something wasn't defined and left open to interpretation then that would mean things would become too vague. It would practically lose all meaning.

If "Goth is anything you want it to be" then you could walk around in nikes with blonde hair, listening to Lady Gaga and that would be Goth if you wanted it to be. But it isn't, because none of those things are even remotely related to the subculture.

When it comes down to it, some people just don't like admitting that they're wrong. They'll just leave a open ended come back to your message. Or, in most cases, refuse to budge. it sounds arrogant but if you're arguing about something you're passionate in, there's a good chance you're researched it / know a lot about it. So they're the ones being ignorant on the topic you have researched. Which is really annoying because some think they're experts in everything.

I know some people think emo means emotional and who's to say they're wrong? But I don't even remember anyone coining the term, never mind sing it to describe emotional people. Not in all my term researching and learning about it. All that emotive hardcore describes is the emotional music. On Wikipedia especially, it lists "emotional" under stereotypes. That says to me that you do not need to have a emotional personality trait to be able to listen to emotive hardcore.

Emo meaning an emotional person is illogical simply because everyone in some way or another, is emotional. We all have emotional moments and we're all open to express our feelings. Being emotional alone isn't enough to label yourself "emo". Maybe it's valid if you only use it for a shortened term for emotional but meaning the "subculture" and its fashion / music is wrong.

Teenagers are usually prone to emo phases because at that age you're experimenting with new things, you're being influenced by the media / friends, you're starting to care about how you look and sometimes you have the desire to "belong" somewhere eg. fitting in to a certain label. So you "become" goth, emo, punk or scene. (Note: People do not "become" goth or punk, they usually just are. People who try and become these are not being themselves, that's why they grow out of it).

I was speaking to someone the other day and they were saying that their siblings went through a Goth phase because of them didn't like the way they looked so they hid their body with baggy clothes and the other did it so he looked scary as people used to keep picking on him. That's before you think they just do it for attention - some people might generally be insecure.
With what the latter did though, it makes me feel like people would be intimidated by him more because he's wearing all these black clothes and make up. It usually works the opposite away around, but it might be the opposite for him if they were like that when he was "normal" looking.

I hope you enjoyed this patchy rant, I felt like I covered a random number of small topics here. I didn't want to get too off topic but I thought that just explaining why a bands genre isn't an opinion would've been a too small rant.

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