My Rant Book

I'm not calling it "The Book of Rants" because I know about two other people who have already named it that and I feel like I would be copying. This probably will offend you, because I'm offensive like that so just read on at your own will.

Chapter 2

When people call "One Direction" and "JLS" bands.

To get straight to the point: they are not bands.
They are groups.
And don't take this on the wrong way, because I used to listen to One Direction (not heavily, but I enjoyed / am familiar with some of their music), I have / had friends who are obsessed in to One Direction and even once I was obsessed with JLS. I owned the red hoodie, posters, their book until I grew out of that and gave them to the daughter of who my uncle was dating at that time.
It's music, it's supposed to be listened to. Who honestly cares? But when people start calling them "bands" it starts getting touchy.

Bands -

* Play instruments (and I mean all of the band, the instruments usually consist of guitar, bass, drums and then the odd ones of piano/keyboard, violin or synthesizers).

* They sing about a wide range of things, yes even relationships, religion, suicide, s-x etc.

* They cover a wide range of genres. You even have blues bands, not to mention the common metal and rock band.

* They occur to a wide range of people. All ages like to listen to bands.

* They can have 3 to even 8 or 9 members in their band.
3 members - MUSE
8 members - Slipknot

Members do not effect how well a band plays. I was / am in to Slipknot and MUSE (I'm actually going to see MUSE in Ireland in April).

* They write their own songs.

* They last longer. Look at The Cure for example, they have been going since 1976 and haven't broken up once.

* Bands play to make art, and people listen to them because they like their music not for their looks. Or that's what it used to be about, some bands just make music because they're going to get money for it but some underground ones make music because they want to and are actually surprised when money starts rolling in.

Groups -

* Don't play instruments (the odd one might be able to play the odd guitar or the triangle or whatever)

* They sing about love, infatuation or s-x (when they sing about s-x, the lyrics are really radio friendly so you don't actually know they're singing about that) to make young girls fall in love with them / fangirl with them.

* Boy bands or groups are usually rap, R&B, tweenpop (a certain type of popular music that is actually marketed towards teens of 13, 14, 15 and younger). You'll rarely see the odd adult actually at a One Direction or Justin Bieber concert, from my experience (unless they're someone's parents because they're too young).

* Again, they occur to (mostly) female teenagers. I've met the odd "boy belieber" in my time, and the odd "boy Directoner" but there really aren't many in reality (even then he probably isn't very old). And to be honest, the few I have seen were gay.

* They usually have 4 or 5 members in their group.

* They don't usually write their own songs. You can check Wikipedia or something (and don't be commenting that isn't reliable because you have to have a reliable source from a different website, and quote it. I use to be a "Wikipedia editor") it usually has who wrote the song in a table, if the artist/group is popular enough, that is.

* They don't seem to last very long which raises the question of if they were just another fad / phase. Fair enough, they could be slightly new and they could get less popular once their looks have faded off a bit, which leads me very neatly on to my next and last point. Sometimes they might not last very long because they were forced together in the sense that they were on some kind of show like X Factor or Insert country here's Got Talent

* I'm sorry to say it, but these type of groups are made for money (so are bands, though, most music is made for money and some is made purely because the bands ambition is to make music). It's a job if you think about it, you make money out of a job. Sometimes it's quickly written like some rap songs out there, in like a get-rich-quick type method. I know most fans listen to them because they are "hot" and even go disgusting lengths to make an account on Twitter which tweets about doing dirty thing with the lead singer, but some listen to them because they like their music.

So the moral of the rant is to make sure you know what you're talking about or it results in huge paragraphs you shurg off because you wished you never said it.

And I'm not saying "don't listen to One Direction, don't listen to Justin Bieber" because everyone has a right to listen to what makes them happy so... yeah.

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