My Rant Book

I'm not calling it "The Book of Rants" because I know about two other people who have already named it that and I feel like I would be copying. This probably will offend you, because I'm offensive like that so just read on at your own will.

Chapter 3

When people unfriend/unfollow you for the littlest of things.

This rant is basically focused on Twitter but some people do it on here too. This rant is about people who unfollow you on twitter becasue they don't like your opinion.

Yes, some people unfollow over an opinion. And it's mainly fangirls. Because you can't say anything without getting a load of hate for it. I understand if someone has made a whole account dedicated to hating a band or an artist because that's just disrespectful and unnecessary. It's not okay, however, to unfollow someone because they said, "I really don't like Sleeping With Sirens". That's one tweet and it's one opinion. They have not started a whole account hating that band.

I think people are way too protective over certain bands, and feel that it's their job to stand against anyone who "hurts their babies". It's not, and you're not a special little snowflake by doing it.

If I unfollowed people over an opinion, I wouldn't be following anyone because a lot of my followers like PTV, SWS, BMTH, OM&M or some other band in the same category. I just ignore it, there's no needed to declate vendetta against them, block them and report them. That's stupid. It's someone's opnion and you need to get over it. It means next to nothing.

And if someone replys back saying "You don't need to express your opinion on Twitter", guess what? That's what Twitter is for. And if you don't like it, you shouldn't have a twitter in the first place. Welcome to the internet.

They are saying that because it may have come to their mind, not because they want to start arguments with people who do like that band. They aren't even saying to you directly. People who DO want to get in to fights are the morons who click on music videos of bands they hate to express their opinion in the comments. Do you think a load of Black Veil Brides fans want to hear how much you hate them, when you're commenting on there video? No, they really don't. But this isn't YouTube.

I don't like it when people are shocked because someone else doesn't like their favourite band. Some people can be crazed over the most horrendous things. Like when people are like, "Omg, how come you don't like Bring Me The Horizon?" and I'm like "I just don't? I don't like their music?" and they're like "OMG, WHY?!/1?! THEY AR THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!1" and I'm like "no".

Or when stupid little fan girls hate how their idol has their hair. Just stop.

This had to be said, I'm sick of stupid little fangirls who thing it's their job to defend anything bad that's ever been said about their favourite band.

I didn't even notice that a lot of my followers are 12-13 years old, it's probably why a lot of them are so immature.

And I find it funny when people think Jesus on Extasy is blasphemous, like calm down. It's only a band name. And they're a bloody great band.

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