"Mopotatoes" Repost

"Mopotatoes" Repost

This is an awesome repost from ihateVEGETABLES. Sign up now if you are a Mopotato! :)

Chapter 1

The Meaning of Mopotatoes


Its a stereotype that combines the nerd, geek, goth, and scene crowd. Its a stereotype made up by the teen genius Cece, were people who don't completely fit into any stereotype fall. There are two things mopotatoes have in common: their obsession for all types of music and their love for potatoes.

A true mopotato knows many random facts about potatoes. They have read the story "Some reasons why potatoes are better than Justin Bieber" and enjoyed it. They're the least judgemental of people, aren't attention seekers and are funny. In many's opinion, a mopotato is the best stereotype ever because you can be yourself and love potatoes!

The most important thing about being a Mopotato: PRIDE!


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