Changed (A Divergent Fanfic)

Name: Ayla Fredericks
Age: 16
Previous Faction: Abnegation
Current Faction: Dauntless Initiate
Love Interest: Eric (I know... whattt? I'm portraying him a lot differently in the story.)
Friendships: Tris, and Four


P.s. By no means am I fantastic writer, but I do my best. Constructive criticism is encouraged and welcomed. Thank you.

Chapter 2

The Chasm

Four rolled his dark blue eyes and followed him. We walked our way through several staircases and hallways, and by the time we were finished I had already forgotten them all.

"This is the Chasm, and remember there is a difference between bravery and idiocy." Eric said loudly, glaring at me. I rolled my eyes in return.

We continued to walk, finally getting a glimpse of the Chasm. He was right, sure you'd be brave to jump but you'd be dead too. The water at the bottom violently shook the rocky walls.

"This is your room, you will be sharing. I suggest you get your rest." He held the door open with his hand and waiting for all of us to file in.

"You better watch yourself." His hands gripped my bicep before I could enter, Tris nervously muttering to herself behind me.

"Don't touch me." I yanked away my arm, sure he may be a Dauntless leader but that didn't mean he could do what he pleased.

I walked away, Tris closely behind. The room was plain, and the beds were lined in an orderly fashion. Tris and I chose the beds closest to the single bathroom.

"Hey, we're going to get a tattoo, you want to come?" A tanned boy said, his hands rubbing together nervously.

"Yeah." I shrugged looking to Tris who nodded slowly in agreement.

Thankfully no train was necessary to get the the tattoo shop.

"Come on Ayla, get one." Tris winced as the needle touched her pale skin.

Caving, I ended up getting two. The words Fear on the back of my neck, and Sometimes you've got to fall before you can fly. On my collar bone. By the time each of us were ready to go it was already dark.

"Let's go, I don't know what comes out at night here." The boy from before muttered and walked out the door, us following close behind.

We walked back into the training quarters and by the Chasm. Eric and the few friends he had, had beers in there hands and were urging each other to jump.

"Ayla, I don't think that's a good idea." Tris said.

"Well he's going to kill himself." I reasoned and ignored her replies.

"Eric, you should probably not be drinking by the Chasm." I said, placing a hand on his chest trying to pull him away from the edge.

"Why do you care?" He slurred, his blue eyes staring into mine, and took another sip.

He had a point, giving up I returned back to Tris and went to the room.

"I can't believe everyone is sleeping." Tris whispered as she pulled back the covers of her bed.

"I can." I shrugged, this Dauntless thing was tiring, and we hadn't even got to the good stuff.

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