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Your Mopotato Queen

Chapter 3


Bullies are mean.
Bullies are hateful.
Bullies are angry, hurtful, rumor-spreading people.
But they are people.
They will make fun of people for their style,attitude,race,size,hobbies,looks,personality,or really anything.
their reasons may be anger,jealousy,or simple misunderstanding of the other person.
This isn't right.
What they do,what they say is wrong.
Because everyone is beautiful.Inside and out.But do not take bullying out on yourself in any way.Ignore them.Actually,don't ignore them.That is impossible.Talk to somone.Talk to them.Just continue to live your live regardless of them.
Never bully anyone!
Bullying includes being rude,saying something negative about someone else's tastes,spreading rumors,"joking" around with them, and even not answering messages from them.
Unless,of course,they are bullying you.Then block and report them.
try to be nice!!
No bullying means on and off line.
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